Growth of the behavior analysis profession in recent years has been evident in a number of ways, from the increasing numbers of BACB certificants and Verified Course Sequences to the development of new professional associations and journals, among other indicators. An additional metric of growth is the employment demand for behavior analysts. Over the years, the BACB has received numerous requests for data illustrating this demand, but the data were unavailable. Thus, the BACB commissioned Burning Glass, a firm that specializes in workforce-demand analysis, to develop a report on the behavior analyst workforce.

The Burning Glass team, in consultation with BACB staff, prepared an analysis of the employment demand of behavior analysts in the US for the years 2012 to 2014 (a non-US analysis was prohibited by a lack of available data). Not surprisingly, the report reveals strong and increasing demand for behavior analysts in a variety of employee sectors, which should be useful for behavior analysts in their communications with various stakeholders about legislation, funding, and new service and higher-education programs.

The Burning Glass report may be freely distributed for informational and educational purposes.