Eligibility Requirements for BCaBAs Who Wish to Become BCBAs

NOTE: Important changes to the availability of this option were announced in the October 2017 Newsletter.


The following requirements are for currently certified BCaBAs in good standing who are working towards qualifying for the BCBA exam.

1. An acceptable graduate degree.

2. Acceptable graduate-level coursework.

For the BCBA, coursework must be completed for graduate credit. If an applicant completed a graduate-level BCBA course sequence as part of his or her BCaBA requirements, all or a portion of these courses may apply towards the BCBA-level certification requirements. If the applicant has not completed a BCBA verified course sequence in its entirety, he or she may submit a coursework evaluation application to see which content hours are still required.

Coursework Evaluation Instructions

Option 3A. 500 post-BCaBA experience hours which meet the current Experience Standards (Available until October, 2018)

A currently certified BCaBA (this does not apply if the applicant is no longer certified as a BCaBA or has an inactive certification) must obtain an additional 500 hours of experience. The experience must meet the current BACB experience standards, cannot take place before the applicant’s graduate BCBA coursework began, and must occur after the applicant becomes certified as a BCaBA. These hours must be submitted on the final experience verification form. The yearly supervision forms submitted as part of maintaining the BCaBA certification do not apply to a BCBA exam application.

Note: The additional 500 hours must occur post-BCaBA certification, regardless of how many experience hours were obtained prior to BCaBA certification and regardless of whether pre-BCaBA experience hours took place after graduate coursework began. In other words, even applicants who fully meet the BCBA-level experience requirement prior to becoming certified as BCaBAs must obtain an additional 500 hours of experience post-BCaBA certification.

Option 3B. Fully satisfy the BCBA Experience Standards, regardless of when the hours were accrued.

This option removes the stipulation that an additional number of post-BCaBA hours are required for BCaBA credential holders. It is important to ensure that all BCBA requirements are met for the experience hours submitted for the BCBA credential, including the requirement that the hours were accrued after graduate-level coursework had begun.

Applying for the BCBA

Applicants must submit:

A. An official, unopened transcript that lists a conferred graduate degree in an acceptable field of study from from a qualifying institution. Acceptable fields of study are behavior analysiseducation, or psychology. Degrees may also be accepted from degree programs in which the candidate completed a BACB verified course sequence. Applicants who are unsure of whether the field of study of their degree is acceptable may request a preliminary review.

B. An official, unopened transcript that lists completed graduate-level BCBA coursework. Syllabi are required for any coursework that was not part of a verified course sequence and that has not previously evaluated by the BACB.

C. A signed Experience Verification Form documenting the remaining 500 hours of experience

If the link to apply for the BCBA exam is not available on the applicant’s Gateway, please contact us and we will be happy to make the link available. Do not create a new profile page.

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