Experience is subject to audit at any time and for any reason at the discretion of the BACB. In the event that a certification application is audited for experience, application processing will be suspended until the completion of the audit. Any experience that is not in compliance with the Experience Standards will be disqualified. Information or documentation may be requested from the trainee or the supervisor during this process. Examples of when an audit may be performed include (but are not limited to):

If you are audited:

  1. The BACB will request documentation from the appropriate parties via email.
  2. The appropriate parties will be required to submit the requested documentation within a specified timeframe.
  3. The BACB will review the documentation for compliance with the Experience Standards and any other applicable BACB requirements.
  4. Feedback related to the audit, including necessary actions, will be provided to the relevant parties, where applicable.

Note: If the BACB concludes that the experience is not in compliance with the BACB Experience Standards or any other applicable BACB requirements, all or a portion of the experience may be deemed unacceptable.

The following documents may be requested:

  • Evidence that the trainee’s and supervisor’s unique system for documenting experience meets all applicable requirements
  • Monthly Experience Verification Forms (M-EVFs)
  • The Fieldwork Tracker

If audited, the relevant party may be required to submit the M-EVFs and the completed
Fieldwork Tracker within seven (7) business days. Thus, it is strongly recommended that
the trainee complete the Fieldwork Tracker as experience hours are being obtained, rather
than entering the data retroactively.