Initial BCBA and BCaBA certification indicates that one has met entry-level standards for practice as a behavior analyst. The purpose of the BACB’s continuing education (CE) requirement is to ensure that BCBA and BCaBA certificants continue to engage in activities that will expand their behavior-analytic skills, beyond the requirements for initial certification, and help them remain current on developments in the profession.

CEU Requirements

BCBAs and BCaBAs are required to obtain a specific number of continuing education units (CEUs) within each two-year recertification cycle, as illustrated in the table below.

Certification CEU Requirement per 2-year Recertification Cycle
BCBA 32 CEUs (including 4 in ethics; 3 in supervision for supervisors)
BCaBA 20 CEUs (including 4 in ethics; 3 in supervision for supervisors)

All CEUs must occur within the recertification cycle to which it is applied. “Making up” missed CEUs after the certification expiration date is not permitted and CEUs in excess of the requirements cannot be applied to a subsequent cycle.

CEU Types

CEUs may be earned through three types of activities, as illustrated in the table below. There are no restrictions or limitations on how many CEUs may be earned through each activity type.

CEU Type Continuing Education By: Documentation CEU Values
Learning Attending events offered by Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) providers.
List of ACE Providers
Certificate from ACE events 25 minutes of learning = ½ CEU*
Completing with a passing grade (“C” or better for graded courses) behavior-analytic graduate courses, for BCBAs, or behavior-analytic undergraduate or graduate courses, for BCaBAs, at a qualifying institution (coursework used to obtain certification will not qualify). Syllabi and transcripts from university courses
Participating in certain BACB certification activities. No documentation is needed for BACB events (these are issued directly into BACB accounts)
Teaching Teaching ACE events. Documentation from the ACE provider demonstrating that the certificant taught an ACE event 25 minutes of instruction = ½ CEU*
Teaching university courses in behavior analysis at a qualifying institution. Letter from a department chair for teaching a university course
Scholarship Publishing an article on behavior analysis in a peer-reviewed journal. A PDF of the final published article 1 publication = 8 CEUs 1 review = 1 CEU
Writing a review or decision letter for an article on behavior analysis submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. Letter from the journal editor or associate editor

*At typical North American institutions, one academic semester credit is equivalent to 15 CEUs and one academic quarter credit is equivalent to 10 CEUs.

CEU Content

Continuing education may address any aspect of behavior analysis: practice, science, methodology, theory, or the profession. In addition, 4 CEUs in ethics and 3 hours in supervision (for supervisors) are required during each recertification cycle.

Ethics CEUs

Acceptable ethics content must cover ethical issues in behavior-analytic practice or research. Ethics content should relate to the BACB’s ethics requirements. Sample ethics content include the (in)appropriateness of implementing non-behavioral therapies, strategies for avoiding/managing dual relationships, creating a culture of ethics in an organization, ethical implications of media and technology, among many others.

Supervision CEUs

Certificants who wish to supervise trainees who are pursuing BCBA or BCaBA certification or supervise the ongoing practice of BCaBAs or RBTs are required to obtain CEUs in supervision during each recertification cycle in which they provide supervision. Acceptable supervision content must be behavior-analytic in nature and cover supervision as defined in the BACB’s Experience Standards (in particular, the “Nature of Supervision” section) and the BACB’s Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline (2.0).

Ethics/Supervision CEU Overlap

A CEU may be counted as either an ethics CEU or a supervision CEU, but not both. CEUs acquired from the 8-hour Supervisor Training may count as supervision CEUs only.

Repeating CE Activities

Certificants may not repeat a CEU event or course to obtain additional CEUs because such repetition does not provide new or expanded knowledge or skills.

Transition to 2020 Requirements

BCBA and BCaBA certificants whose next recertification cycle begins in 2020 should consider the following transition information:

  • Type 3: Certificants will need to enter Type 3 CEUs into their BACB Gateway account before January 1. As of January 1, 2020, Type 3 CEUs will no longer be able to be entered.
  • Type 6: Certificants will need to take and pass their certification examination before January 1, 2020. Please be advised that certificants who take the examination for continuing education and do not pass will no longer be certified by the BACB.
  • Type Restrictions: The CEU type restrictions will be eliminated on January 1, 2020.
  • New Types: All old CEU types will automatically be converted into the new types on January 1, as follows:
    • Type 1, 2, 3, and 5 – Learning
    • Type 4 – Teaching
    • Type 7 – Scholarship