If you have completed behavior-analytic coursework that was not a part of a verified course sequence, you may submit a coursework evaluation application to determine if your coursework meets all or a portion of the current Option 1 requirements.

Applicants should submit coursework for evaluation at least two weeks before they plan to submit an exam application. There is a $100 fee for coursework evaluations. This fee is applied to your certification application fee, but the online application will not automatically adjust the amount. After you have paid for and received the results of your coursework evaluation application, you will need to complete the certification application online but select to pay by check so that you can submit a check for the final amount (less the $100 coursework evaluation fee) or call in to have an invoice created in your account, which will allow you to pay via credit card. Please note that all fees are non-refundable.

All coursework used to qualify for BACB certifications must be taken for academic credit. Coursework submitted for the BCBA must be taken for graduate credit. Coursework for BCaBA-level certification may be undergraduate or graduate credit. All courses submitted must be listed on your transcript with a passing grade of “C” or higher (in the case of pass/fail courses, a grade of "pass" must be listed). You do not need to submit an official transcript with your coursework evaluation application, but an official, unopened transcript will be required with your certification application.

We are unable to recommend specific programs or tell you which courses to take to fulfill remaining content hours once your review is completed. However, we will provide you with details about the hours that have been verified in each content area for the courses reviewed.

Past determinations that were made under prior versions of the BACB's coursework requirements and that were not appealed at the time will be honored by converting the previously-determined content hours to the corresponding content areas under the current (4th ed.) requirements. This applies both to Verified Course Sequences and individual coursework evaluations approved toward the 3rd Edition coursework requirements.

BCBA/BCaBA Application for Coursework EvaluationCoursework review only. Not an application for any BACB exam.

BCBA/BCaBA Course Content Attestation

Fourth Edition Task List

Course Content Allocation Requirements