Behavior Analyst Licensing/Regulating Authorities

Within the United States, certificants should contact their state professional association or the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts regarding licensure laws specific to their geographical location. The following links may be useful in determining whether a behavior analyst has been disciplined by a Behavior Analyst licensing authority. Please note, several US states regulatory licensing boards display disciplinary actions on their websites, while other authorities require a written request for information.

Note: Some authorities only recently passed laws requiring Behavior Analysts to be licensed and do not include a link because policies are not yet in place. The BACB does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information conveyed in the links above.

Governments Considering the Regulation of Behavior Analysts

Each government has a unique legislative process and there is a great deal of variability in how professionals may be regulated. Contacting the BACB early in the process will help ensure that the proposed regulatory system is consistent with current BACB standards and that the proposed title use does not infringe upon the BACB’s registered trademarks.

For governments considering regulatory legislation, we recommend consulting the Association for Professional Behavior Analysts Model Act for Licensing/Regulating Behavior Analysts.