Mass Email Service Updates

We recently made several improvements to our mass email system:

  • Stay up to date. We put together a new policies and procedures document that outlines everything you need to know about the mass email system, including the application process, important requirements, and more.
  • Resubscribe. We made it easier for certificants to resubscribe. Certificants who aren’t sure whether they’re receiving mass emails can now fill out the Resubscribing to the BACB Mass Email Service form to rejoin.
  • Have a smoother application. To reduce errors and technical difficulties, we will now request the contents of your mass email after you apply.
  • Create the best product possible. To help ensure that your final product is how you envision it, we will now require you to review your mass email before we deliver it.
  • Get in touch. You can contact the mass email team by emailing or by using the Mass Email Support Form.

The updated Mass Email Application is accessible through our Mass Email Service web page.