Temporary Allowances for Experience/Fieldwork and Competency Assessments (This update has expired.)

October 1, 2021, Update: As of January 1, 2022, these temporary waivers are no longer in effect.

April 28, 2020 (Modified August 11, 2020)

Due to social distancing requirements during the COVID–19 pandemic, we will provide temporary deviations for the following "with a client" requirements.

  • Experience and Fieldwork ("observation with a client") — As of March 1, and until further notice, we will temporarily waive the “observation with a client” sub-requirement for trainees who do not have in-person access to clients and, thus, are only accruing unrestricted hours. As always, all unrestricted activities must relate to a specific client’s needs.
    If you are a supervisor and you want your trainees to qualify for this temporary exception:
    • You (the supervisor) must complete the attestation for each month impacted.
    • You and your trainee must keep this document in your records.
    • In the event of a future audit, this form must be submitted for any of the qualifying months that were impacted.
    • RBT Competency Assessments ("with a client" tasks) — For all initial and renewal competency assessments received as of April 28, 2020, and until notified on the BACB's COVID–19 Updates page, we will temporarily allow the "with a client" tasks to be assessed in a role–play situation with a client surrogate.
      If you are a Responsible Assessor and you want those you are assessing to qualify for this temporary exception.
      • You (the Responsible Assessor) must complete the attestation and indicate on the Competency Assessment "role play."
      • You and the applicant/RBT must keep this document in your records.
      • The applicant/RBT must submit this document with the competency assessment when submitting their RBT certification or renewal application.

    Continue to monitor BACB correspondence and the COVID–19 Updates page for the date on which these temporary exceptions will no longer be allowed. This is only applicable for the sub–requirements stated above and does not apply to any other requirements.