RBT Requirements Changes

Effective November 1, 2019, several important RBT and supervision requirements have changed, as announced in the December 2018 BACB Newsletter. Please see the RBT Requirements webpage for all of the new requirements and transition information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do supervisors need to retake the 8-Hour Supervision Training now that there is a 2.0 version?

No. If a supervisor has completed and submitted the 8-Hour Supervision Training, they do not need to complete a new training.

I’m a current RBT—do I need to reapply to meet the new requirements, including taking the certification examination based on the RBT Task List (2nd ed.)?

No. If you are already certified, you do not need to reapply to meet the new requirements as long as you maintain your certification. At your next renewal date, you must use the new Renewal Competency Assessment.

More questions? Find answers to frequently asked questions on the RBT Requirements page and the Supervision and Training page.