The BACB’s Certificant Registries provide a publicly-available resource for verifying information about BACB certificants. Individuals may also request written verification of a current certificant’s status either as a PDF verification letter or completion of a state-issued verification form (hereafter referred to as a “verification letter”).

The verification letter will include the following information:

  • Certificant name and certification #
  • Confirmation of current certification status
  • If they are inactive, reason for inactive status (i.e., voluntary inactive, expired, not supervised, disciplinary actions as described on the disciplinary actions page)
  • Initial certification date
  • Expiration date

The verification letter will be emailed to the requestor within 3-5 business days after the $25 fee (per letter) has been paid.

Licensure Board Representatives
Licensure board representatives may request verification of BACB certificants, at no charge, by emailing [email protected].