Supervision & Experience Resources

Experience Policy

Click here for our current experience and supervision standards for certification eligibility.



Sample Supervision Contracts

These sample contracts may be useful in documenting the relationship between supervisors and supervisees who are acquiring practical experience toward a BACB credential.

     Sample Contract: University Practicum

     Sample Contract: Independent Supervision

     Sample Contract: Within-Agency Supervision


Recent Changes to Experience and Supervision Standards

The recent changes are described in the September 2012  issue of the BACB Newsletter (Special Edition on Supervision).

The October 2013 BACB Newsletter includes Frequently Asked Questions about these changes.


Supervision Curriculum

The BACB will be instituting new requirements for BCBAs and instructors in approved course sequences who supervise the applied experience of those pursuing certification, as well as BCBAs who supervise the ongoing practice of BCaBAs. The most significant of the new requirements will be the completion of a post-certification, competency-based, training program on supervision. This training needs to be completed no later than December 31, 2014. The basis of the newly required supervision training will be the BACB Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline.

All Type 2 ACE providers who hold the BCBA credential are eligible to offer supervision training based on this curriculum outline.  Click here for a list of ACE Providers.  Click here for a list of events offered by ACE Providers.


Supervision and Experience Training Module

As we announced in the September 2012 issue of BACB Newsletter, one of the outcomes of the Supervision Task Force was the development of an online, competency-based training module on BACB experience standards designed for supervisors and supervisees. We are pleased to announce the availability of this training module. After December 31, 2014, supervisors will need to have completed this module (in addition to other requirements) to be eligible to supervise and supervisees will need to have completed this module (in addition to other requirements) to begin their experiential training.

The module can be completed in under 90 minutes and is available free of charge via the Training tab in the BACB Gateway.


Locating a Supervisor

Visit our Certificant Registry to locate BCBAs willing to supervise the applied experience of those pursuing certification (code C) and the ongoing practice of BCaBAs (code B).


BCaBA Supervision Policy

Click here for our Policy on Supervision of Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts and the BCaBA Annual Supervision Verification Form. ***Please note that effective January 1, 2017, the BCaBA Supervision Policy will change in important ways. A summary of these changes is available in the December 2014 BACB Newsletter. More detailed information about these changes will be forthcoming.


Note: It is the responsibility of every candidate, certificant, and supervisor to ensure that any supervision provided or received is consistent with current BACB standards, any applicable state regulatory standards (e.g., licensure), and relevant third-party payor requirements.