Please use the Contact Us Form for all certificant inquiries. Before submitting an inquiry, if your question is about one of the below topics, we recommend keeping the following considerations in mind:

  • Certification Requirements:
    • Please review the relevant handbook as all of the requirements as well as tips, tricks, and frequently asked questions are listed there.
    • The BACB cannot provide guidance on whether a specific degree, set of coursework, or training experience meets our certification requirements outside of a formal review of your application. We are also unable to provide guidance on how to fill out a particular document or otherwise guarantee application approval.
  • Status Updates:
    • If you’d like to know when your application will be reviewed, you can check our Application Processing Updates page to see the submission date we are currently processing.
    • If you’ve already submitted a supporting document and are waiting to receive feedback on it, please do not resubmit your document. This will cause delays in our application processing.

The BACB cannot provide legal or ethics advice under any circumstances. There are a number of resources available for anyone seeking guidance related to ethics in the Ethics Resources section. U.S. residents of states that regulate the practice of behavior analysis may contact their state disciplinary boards. For more information about regulation in the U.S., the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts has a resource page on licensure and regulation. Whenever possible, we encourage, but do not require you to consult with a behavior analyst who specializes in the matter before filing a Notice of Alleged Violation. For legal advice, please consult with a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction. For additional guidance on ethics-related matters, please see the Ethics Codes section.

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