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In this episode of Inside the BACB, Drs. Melissa Nosik and Molli Luke discuss the recent publication of the BACB’s first RBT Handbook and answer frequently asked questions about the RBT certification.

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In this episode, Dr. Melissa Nosik hosts a discussion with Drs. Jim Carr and Neil Martin—and Board President Dr. Bridget Taylor—about the upcoming changes to the BACB’s international focus, which includes answers to frequently asked questions.

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In this episode of Inside the BACB, Kyle Jordan, the BACB’s Director of Testing and Accreditation, joins Deputy CEO Dr. Melissa Nosik to discuss the role of subject matter experts at the BACB, including who they are, how they’re selected, and what they do.

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In the inaugural episode of “Inside the BACB,” Drs. Jim Carr and Melissa Nosik provide a brief history of the BACB and its evolution in the face of the profession’s dramatic growth over the last decade. They also preview what to expect in future episodes.

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