Since 2009, the applied behavior analysis profession has rapidly become regulated. The following US map indicates the states that have passed legislation to license or otherwise regulate behavior analysts and the year the licensure law was enacted.

map of the United States showcasing when each state enacted licensure of behavior analysis

The following table lists the states that currently require licensure, the year the licensure law was enacted, and the state’s licensure board and professional association. Behavior analysts working in one of these states should review the relevant websites and either apply for licensure or determine whether they are in a class exempt from licensure. Some states with newly enacted laws may not have implemented an application system. Links to licensure laws are provided in these cases.

State Year Licensure Board Professional Association
Alabama (AL) 2014 Alabama Behavior Analyst Licensure Board ALABA
Alaska (AK) 2014 Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development AKABA
Arizona (AZ) 2010 Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners AzABA
Connecticut (CT) 2017 Connecticut State Department of Public Health CTABA
Georgia (GA) 2022 Georgia Behavior Analyst Licensing Board GABA
Hawaii (HI) 2015 Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs HABA
Illinois (IL) 2022 IL Department of Human Services ILABA
Indiana (IN) 2021 Indiana Professional Licensing Agency HABA
Iowa (IA) 2018 Iowa Board of Behavioral Science IABA
Kansas (KS) 2014 Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board KansABA
Kentucky (KY) 2010 Kentucky Applied Behavior Analysis Licensing Board KYABA
Louisiana (LA) 2013 Louisiana Behavior Analyst Board LABAA
Maryland (MD) 2014 Maryland State Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists MABA
Massachusetts (MA) 2013 Board of Registration of Allied Mental Health and Human Services Professions MassABA / BABAT
Michigan (MI) 2016 Michigan Board of Behavior Analysts MiBAP
Minnesota (MN) 2024 Minnesota HF 5247 MNABA
Mississippi (MS) 2015 Mississippi Autism Board BAAMS
Missouri (MO) 2010 Missouri Behavior Analyst Advisory Board MOABA
Montana (MT) 2017 Montana Board of Psychologists MTABA
Nebraska (NE) 2023 Nebraska Dept. of Health and Human Services NEABA
Nevada (NV) 2009 Nevada Applied Behavior Analysis Board NABA
New Jersey (NJ) 2019 State Board of Applied Behavior Analyst Examiners NJABA
New York (NY) 2014 New York State Education Department, Office of the Professions NYSABA
North Carolina (NC) 2021 North Carolina Behavior Analyst Licensure Board NCABA
North Dakota (ND) 2011 North Dakota Board of Integrative Health Care ND ABA
Ohio (OH) 2013 Ohio Board of Psychology OHABA
Oklahoma (OK) 2009 Oklahoma Licensed Behavior Analyst Board OKABA
Oregon (OR) 2013 Behavior Analysis Regulatory Board ORABA
Rhode Island (RI) 2012 State of Rhode Island Department of Health RIABA
South Dakota (SD) 2016 Applied Behavior Analyst Advisory Committee SDABA
Tennessee (TN) 2014 Applied Behavior Analyst Licensing Committee TABA
Texas (TX) 2017 Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation TXABA
Utah (UT) 2015 Utah Division of Professional Licensing UtABA
Vermont (VT) 2015 Vermont Office of Professional Regulation VtABA
Virginia (VA) 2012 Virginia Board of Medicine VABA
Washington (WA) 2015 Washington State Department of Health WABA
Wisconsin (WI) 2010 Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services WisABA
Wyoming (WY) 2022 Wyoming Board of Psychology N/A

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