Mass Email Service

The BACB mass email service allows behavior-analytic organizations to communicate with BACB certificants for commercial-use purposes, such as advertising job or continuing education opportunities. To use the mass email service, please read the following policies and procedures and submit an application. If approved, the BACB will create and deliver the specified email on behalf of the requesting organization.

Please note the following information before using the mass email service:

  • The mass email service is available solely at the discretion of the BACB.
  • The BACB does not distribute certificant contact information under any circumstances.
  • The mass email service is a pre-pay service. No work will be performed on an approved application until proof of payment is received.
  • Applicants cannot send more than one email (follow-ups included) within a 7-day period. If a conflict occurs, applicants will be notified and offered alternative send-date options.
  • The BACB is not responsible for longer-than-standard review or processing times caused by a lack of response from the applicant or edits/changes requested late during processing.
  • Although applicants may identify a preferred delivery date, the BACB cannot guarantee that the email will be sent on that date. If the delivery date is critical, we recommend that the application is submitted as far in advance of the requested delivery date as possible.
  • The BACB will inform applicants of any concerns before an email’s release, but the BACB is not responsible for engagement results of emails sent through its system.

Please review the following considerations before beginning a Mass Email Application:

  • Is the organization that you represent a part of the behavior-analytic communityAny organization submitting an application undergoes review by the BACB’s mass email team to ensure that the nature of the work the organization does relates to behavior analysis or the behavior-analytic community, and that the organization is in good standing.?
  • Is your message relevantAll mass email content must relate to one of the 7 content types covered further on this page. The content must be timely, referring either to content or events within the last 6 months or to content or events coming within the next year. to behavior analysts?
  • Which certificants do you want to reach (location and certification levelMass emails can be sent to certificants in any combination of locations and certification types. For locations, any states or provinces within the United States and Canada, as well as to over 100 other nations, are available. RBT, BCaBA, BCBA, and BCBA-D are the available certification types. Please note that some certification types may not be eligible as an audience for certain content types (e.g., RBTs cannot be sent employment emails).)?
  • When do you want to deliverThe BACB requires time to review each Mass Email Application before issuing a determination. Further, the BACB does not start work on an approved application until proof of payment has been received, with timely payment being your responsibility. For this reason, the BACB highly recommends submitting your application at least 10 days before your intended date of delivery and as early as 30 days before if you are intending to send a survey or regulatory email. the email?
  • Should you send a follow-up emailAll applications include an initial email. Follow-up emails can be requested in your application (for a 50% increase on your application fee) and, other than their subject lines and delivery dates, are identical in every way to the initial email.?

The first step in using the BACB mass email service is submitting an application. Please read through the following policies and procedures and then click the Mass Email Application button at the bottom of the page.

Once you submit an application, the BACB will review it and provide a determination within 3 standard business days (i.e., not including weekends, holidays, or BACB office closures).

If your application is approved, you will receive an invoice and a confirmation of approval. You must pay the mass email service fee no later than 14 days after you receive the invoice. Once payment is received, the BACB will place your application in the mass-email queue and begin crafting your email (i.e., this typically takes 7 days). Once your email has been crafted, you will be asked to review it. Additional edits may be submitted at this time. When you have no further edits and provide explicit approval, the email will be scheduled for delivery on the requested date or another agreed-upon date if rescheduling is required.

If your application is denied, you will receive a notice of denial and an explanation. Your application will then be closed. A denied application cannot be reopened or altered, but you may submit a new application.

% of Total Audience Standard Fee Follow-Up Fee Max Fee (Standard + Follow-Up)
90% – 100% $500 $250 $750
80% – 89% $450 $225 $675
70% – 79% $400 $200 $600
60% – 69% $350 $175 $525
50% – 59% $300 $150 $450
40% – 49% $250 $125 $375
30% – 39% $200 $100 $300
20% – 29% $150 $75 $225
10% – 19% $100 $50 $150
5% – 9% $50 $25 $75
2% – 5% $25 $13 $38
<2% $10 $5 $15

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