PsycInfo Database Now Available to BCBAs and BCaBAs

We recently added the PsycInfo database to the ProQuest search engine available to BCBAs and BCaBAs through the Resources tab in their BACB accounts. In addition to the ERIC database, ProQuest now pulls from PsycInfo, the most comprehensive database for psychology and behavioral sciences. BCBAs and BCaBAs can now more effectively search for literature on a particular topic.

Are you planning to submit an initial or renewal RBT Certification Application? Dive into our latest blog post, 5 Must-Know RBT Application Tips, for guidance on getting started, managing your BACB account, reviewing your documentation, and more.

2026 BCBA and BCaBA Certification Requirements Pushed to 2027

Based on feedback from university faculty, we have decided to push back the implementation of the 2026 BCBA and BCaBA certification requirements until 2027 to give universities more time to prepare for the changes. Please note that the rolling 10-year limit on BCBA and BCaBA coursework will still take effect in 2024, and the new BCBA and BCaBA examinations will still be implemented as planned in 2025. See the updated March 2022 BACB Newsletter for details. Recent and Upcoming Changes Timeline Click the timeline to enlarge, or visit our Recent and Upcoming Changes to BACB Requirements page to view updates.

New Blog: Commonly Asked Questions About BACB Supervised Fieldwork Requirements

Do you have questions about our supervised fieldwork requirements? We have answers. Review our latest blog post for details, including what makes an activity restricted or unrestricted, who is considered a client, and how your supervisor can help develop your fieldwork.


2021 RBT 40-Hour Training Pass Rate Report

The BACB is pleased to release its 2nd annual collection of pass rate data, RBT Examination Pass Rates for 40-Hour Training Providers: 2021. This report details RBT examination pass rates from publicly available 40-hour training providers and is a great resource for RBT applicants, RBT Supervisors, and RBT Requirements Coordinators. Check it out at your convenience.

New Podcast: Future Changes to BCBA Certification Requirements

Please enjoy our newest podcast episode, in which CEO Dr. Jim Carr and Deputy CEO Dr. Melissa Nosik break down the future BCBA certification requirements changes announced in the March 2022 BACB Newsletter.


New Podcast: Introducing the 2025 BCBA and BCaBA Test Content Outlines

We are excited to share our first podcast episode of the year, which covers the newly developed 2025 BCBA and BCaBA test content outlines (TCOs). Listen in to learn about the TCO-development process, future examinations, and more—and stay tuned for a follow-up episode, coming soon.


The 2022 Michael Hemingway Behavior Analysis Award

Wayne W. Fisher, PhD, BCBA-D

Each year, the BACB honors an individual with the Michael Hemingway Behavior Analysis Award to commemorate the life and contributions of Michael Hemingway, who played a central role in the development of behavior analyst certification in Florida before serving as a founding director of the BACB. Michael’s commitments to the profession of applied behavior analysis and to increasing access to services are reflected in the behavior of the individual who receives this award.

We are pleased to announce that the 2022 recipient of the Michael Hemingway Behavior Analysis Award is Wayne W. Fisher, PhD, BCBA-D. Dr. Fisher is currently the Henry Rutgers Endowed Professor of Pediatrics in the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, a core faculty member of the Brain Health Institute, and the director of the Rutgers University Center for Autism Research, Education, and Services, all at Rutgers University. Dr. Fisher’s professional contributions fulfill both criteria for this award: helping increase access to quality ABA services and developing sound public policy in behavior analysis. In addition to his record as one of the discipline’s top applied researchers, Dr. Fisher has overseen and/or developed 4 state-of-the-art clinical research programs for autism and developmental disabilities (at Kennedy Krieger Institute, Marcus Autism Center, Munroe-Meyer Institute, and Rutgers University); served as editor-in-chief of Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis; helped improve access to ABA services through legislative activity in Nebraska; and served as a principal author of the current CPT® billing codes used nationally in applied behavior analysis. We are thankful to Dr. Fisher for his many distinguished contributions, which have greatly benefitted our science, our practice, and most importantly, the consumers of ABA services.

March 2022 Newsletter

We are excited to share the publication of the March 2022 BACB Newsletter. This issue covers future changes to BCBA and BCaBA certification eligibility and maintenance requirements. Read on for details.

New Video: Reporting Alleged Ethics Violations Based on Publicly Available Documentation

We are excited to share our new video about the Publicly Documented Alleged Violation reporting option. Check it out for details on reporting requirements and considerations, the submission process, and more.