Examination Dates and Administrative Procedures
Once applications are approved, testing times and locations will be available on "first come, first served" basis. We expect appointment slots to fill quickly. Scheduling is done through Pearson VUE.  The sooner you schedule, the better your chances will be to schedule your preferred appointment date and time.


Retake applications are subject to the same deadlines and late fees as original exam applications.


BACB fees are non-refundable.  Late/expedited application fees are available to allow candidates to apply for and receive a review of their application after the on-time deadline for an administration has passed.  Applications/documents received after a late application deadline without the late fee will be held and then reviewed for the subsequent examination window.  The BACB cannot guarantee that your application will be approved by a specific date.

Availability of testing opportunities may be limited for those who submit late applications.

Administration Schedule and Deadlines for 2015 are as follows:

Administration February May August November
Scheduling Opens December 15 March 15 June 22 September 22
Last Day for On-Time Applications & Documents*
(must be received by BACB office by 4PM Mountain Time)
January 31 April 30 July 31 October 31
Applications received after the above date will require a late fee in order to be processed for the current exam window; otherwise they will be processed for the next exam window.
Examination Dates
(Individuals choose their exact date/time based upon availability at their chosen testing center.)
February 1-28 (29)
May 1-31 August 1-31 November 1-30
Grades Released On or Before April 15 July 15 October 15 January 15

*Application deadlines and late fees are assessed based upon the date the application is COMPLETE (documents and payment received in our office).  The BACB will continue to process documentation, such as transcripts or experience verification forms after these deadlines however if you have not included the late fee the approval will be for the following exam window.

 Please note that you are subject to the requirements in place at the time you apply.  Click here for information about some time-limited grace-periods for certain upcoming standards changes.

New Application Packet Requirement

Effective January 1, 2015, the BACB will require all applicants for examination to send their supporting documentation in a single, complete submission.  In other words, all documentation of degree, coursework, experience, college teaching, BCBA Reviews, CVs, etc. for a particular applicant must arrive at the BACB offices in a single package.


Incomplete packages will be returned to the applicant with information about which documentation is missing.  Returned incomplete submissions will incur a $50 fee for the cost of shipping and processing.


Individual documents that are not included in a complete submission will no longer be accepted and may be destroyed upon receipt.  This includes transcripts sent directly from a university to the BACB.


Application Fees BCBA BCaBA
Coursework/Experience (Option 1)
$230 $165
College Teaching/Experience (Option 2)
$230 N/A
Doctorate/BCBA Review (Option 3)
$230 N/A
Re-Take (for 2 years after approval) $130 $115
Examination for Continuing Education
$130 $115
Late Fee (in addition to fee above) $125 $125
Coursework Evaluation only $100 $100


Examination administrations are conducted in a computer-based testing format though the Pearson VUE international network of testing centers. Once approved by the BACB, candidates must contact Pearson VUE, either through the Pearson VUE website or toll-free number, and schedule a testing appointment during the next testing window.  A list of BACB test sites is available on the Pearson VUE website.  Testing times and locations will be available on "first come, first served" basis.  A computer-based testing tutorial is available on the Pearson VUE website to acquaint individuals with the CBT format. 

Exam Appointment Fee

There is a $100 examination administration fee that must be paid directly to Pearson VUE. You may use a credit card to pay this fee when you make your appointment. You may reschedule or cancel your testing appointment by contacting Pearson VUE up to 1 day prior to your testing appointment. In the event that you fail to appear for a scheduled appointment, examination administration fees are non-refundable.

Examination Administration Format

Examinations are administered in a computer-based testing format delivered through the Pearson VUE network of high-security, standardized testing centers.  Pearson VUE is one of the largest and best-respected high-stakes certification and licensure testing organizations in the world.  Pearson VUE specializes in professional and technology credentialing and has an impressive list of clients including Microsoft, Adobe, Agilent Technologies, IBM, Siemens, Sun Microsystems, American Board of Internal Medicine, American Board of Surgery, Institute of Business and Finance, and many others.  Pearson VUE has over 200 testing sites in the US and over 150 sites outside the US.  The BACB has increased the opportunity for examination by typically providing four administrations per year rather than the prior three.  Four test windows are scheduled based on university graduation date data to minimize the time between graduation and certification.  Together, these measures greatly increased test access and candidate convenience while significantly reducing travel, lodging and costs often associated with taking certification examinations.

Examination Content

The February 2015 administration introduced new examination instruments based on the Fourth Edition Task List. This development is the result of a multi-year Job Analysis survey examination-renewal process to update the examination content and test item bank.

See Application FAQ for frequently asked questions on applying.

See Exam Information for information on the test instrument & procedures.

See Exam Results Summary for a summary of past administrations.

See Exam Content Task List for the content covered in the examinations.


Announcement Regarding Formerly Available Test Centers:

The BACB now requires that all authorized candidates register at one of the 400+ Pearson Professional Centers (PPCs) worldwide. Please click here for additional information.