The BACB will review certain appeals of application denials and examination irregularities. An independent team of individuals not part of the initial determination reviews all appeals to the BACB. Appeals committees include three current or former members of the BACB Board of Directors. Appeals decisions are final and may not be further appealed.

Application Appeals

Any adverse eligibility, certification, or recertification decision including, but not limited to, a denial of a certification application, renewal application, recertification application, or other application submitted to the BACB may be appealed. Supervision deviations that result in credential termination may only be appealed if the basis of the appeal is to correct miscalculated hours. These policies and procedures shall apply to appeals by trainees, credential-holders, authorized continuing education providers, and course sequence providers.

BACB standards, deadlines, procedures, and fees may not be appealed. Do not submit an appeal in order to request information about a denied application; you will receive detailed information (i.e., reasons for the denial, steps that need to be taken to correct any deficiencies) at the time of the denial.

How to appeal: You must file a written request for appeal within thirty (30) days s of the date of the decision being appealed. To file an appeal, complete the Administrative Appeal Request Form below.

Examination Appeals

If you experience examination condition irregularities (e.g., lighting, disruptive noises, long load times) during your examination, you may file an appeal with the BACB. Please note, Pearson VUE sites deliver BACB examinations via a web browser, so some minor internet bandwidth variances are to be expected. Examination scores, content, questions, answers, procedures, deadlines, fees, and requirements may not be appealed.

How to appeal: You must file a written request for appeal within seven (7) days of your examination appointment. To file an appeal, complete the Administrative Appeal Request Form below.

Compassionate Appeals

If you are a current applicant or certificant who has encountered an unforeseen life event or extenuating circumstance within the past year that warrants relief (e.g., hospitalization, act of nature, COVID-19 illness), you may use the following form to submit this information to the BACB. This form may be used to appeal a denial or likely future denial (e.g., you are undergoing a prolonged medical treatment that will prevent you from submitting a renewal application on time) from the BACB.

This appeal requires documentation that verifies the event or circumstance in question. BACB staff will evaluate the appeal based on the date of the event, its potential impact on your ability to obtain or maintain BACB certification, the amount of time you had to meet the applicable requirements (e.g., whether you are using the two years between recertification to accrue continuing education), and whether you could have taken preventative actions (e.g., applied for voluntary inactive status).

Note: The 2022 eligibility requirements will not be delayed (see the Response to Implementation Considerations of BCBA and BCaBA 2022 Requirements post on the BACB COVID-19 Updates page). Compassionate appeals related to the BCBA or BCaBA 2022 eligibility requirements deadline may not be accepted prior to October 2021. Keep in mind, however, that submitting a compassionate appeal at that time will not guarantee an extension, and that the outcome will be based on a full analysis of your situation, including documentation of how the event or circumstance directly impacted your training timeline and the steps you took to try and meet the requirements.

How to appeal: You must file a written request for appeal within one (1) year of your deadline. To file a compassionate appeal, complete the following Administrative Appeal Request Form.

Administrative Appeal Request Form