BACB Disciplinary Actions
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BACB Disciplinary Actions

Notices of Alleged Violation received by the BACB may be routed in the following ways: declined for review (e.g., insufficient evidence), referred to the Code Compliance system, issued cautionary guidance, or submitted for Disciplinary Review. The information reported on this page includes only the Disciplinary Review cases where the candidate or certificant received a reportable sanction. If there is a current reportable sanction in place, the name of the candidate or certificant will be published on this page. If the reportable sanction has been fulfilled, the name will no longer appear on this page.

The following types of sanctions are included in the table and defined here as a reference:

  • Revocation: Certification is terminated.
  • Invalidated Certification: Certification is invalidated because the eligibility requirements had not been met.
  • Suspension: Certification may not be used for a specified period of time, after which the individual may be required to apply for reinstatement, subject to compliance with then-existing standards for certification.
  • Eligibility Suspension: Individual is not eligible to apply for BACB certification for a specified period of time.
  • Restriction: Certificant’s ability to practice behavior analysis using BACB certification is limited (e.g., mandatory supervision).
Individuals with revocations and suspensions are strictly prohibited from representing they are credentialed by the BACB during the period of revocation or suspension. Individuals seeking information about disciplinary actions in the United States may also wish to check the relevant state licensing board for published disciplinary actions.

To obtain more information about a published disciplinary action please contact the certificant directly (e.g., using a known email address, using the contact link in their Registry record) and ask for a copy of the BACB Disciplinary Determination. If the individual provides you with one, you may submit for verification on the Responding to Requests page. Use the Case ID number found on the Disciplinary Determination document and select Update About a Notice of Alleged Violation/Open Case from the dropdown menu. Someone from the Ethics Department will follow up.


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Date Accessed: May 18, 2022

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