The BACB has information indicating that the following individuals have been misrepresenting themselves as BACB certificants (indicated in red text below), or otherwise misrepresenting BACB intellectual property (e.g., logos, trademarks). The individuals listed below are not certified by, or affiliated with, the BACB:


Name(s) and Identifying Information Location(s)
Esselean McIntosh Georgia (US)
Naomi Omotala
Naomi Omotola
Naomi Lahan-Omotala
Naomi Betiku
Naomi Gbemisola
Naomi Gbemisola-Betiku
Naomi Folashade
Naomi Folasade
California, Texas, Utah (US)
Jessica Norris
Jessica R Norris
Jessica Norris-Collins
Texas, Utah (US)

not to be confused with Jessica Norris in the State of Washington, who is certified as a BCBA
Kimberly Casey Coden Diskin Michigan (US)
Jessica Nourse-Stuart
Jessica Marie Nourse-Stuart
Jessica Natal-Stuart
Jessica Stuart
Jessica Schleicher
Jessica Schleicher Stuart
Connecticut, New York (US)

not to be confused with Jessica Schleicher in the State of Connecticut, who is certified as a BCBA
Keiry Viera Maryland (US)
Tegan Neizel
Tegan Petersen
California, Colorado (US)
KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga (South Africa)
Kiamaly Steiphy Cabrera Bisono Florida (US)
Iesha Kollore New York (US)
Quintisa Miller Georgia (US)

The BACB has either attempted to contact the individuals listed on this page or has been in contact with them. Examples of reasons for publication to this page include:

  • accurate contact information being unavailable;
  • lack of response or lack of compliance to cease-and-desist notice(s); or
  • a documented history of repeated misrepresentation that could pose a threat to consumers of behavior-analytic services.

† next to a certificant’s status denotes that they have one or more published sanctions or actions from the BACB that can be accessed by searching the BACB Disciplinary Actions page.

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