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ACE Provider Directory

Below is a list of providers who are authorized to offer Type 2 continuing education. 
Click here for information on how to become an authorized continuing education provider.

Name of Provider
7 Dimensions Movement
Provider #: OP-19-3044
Contact: Elissa Johnson

A Change in Trajectory
Provider #: OP-13-2361
Contact: Mariela L Feldman

A New Leaf Therapeutic Services PLLC
Provider #: OP-17-2779
Contact: Mackenzie Toland

A.B.L.E. Academic and Behavioral Learning Enrichment
Provider #: OP-19-3069
Contact: Jennifer Aguero

A.W. Holdings, LLC
Provider #: OP-14-2470
Contact: John Guercio

ABA & Verbal Behavior Group
Provider #: OP-15-2530
Contact: Wilson

ABA Connection
Provider #: OP-12-2183
Website :: Contact: Andrea Stayton

ABA Espaa
Provider #: OP-15-2574
Website :: Contact: Virues-Ortega

ABA Inside Track
Provider #: IP-15-2447
Website :: Contact: Parry-Cruwys

ABA Learning Centre
Provider #: OP-08-0156
Contact: Athens

ABA of Illinois, LLC
Provider #: OP-13-2358
Contact: Imran Khan

ABA Services of the Front Range & Roaring Fork Valley
Provider #: OP-18-2939
Contact: Meredith Loscialpo

ABA Solutions, Inc.
Provider #: OP-19-3030
Contact: Tracy Larson

ABA support services, LLC
Provider #: OP-18-2886
Contact: Nicholas Eckman

ABA Switzerland
Provider #: OP-13-2225
Contact: Leclerc

ABA Technologies, Inc.
Provider #: OP-02-0023
Website :: Contact: Dr. Jose Martinez-Diaz

ABA Therapy Solutions, LLC
Provider #: OP-19-3035
Contact: Wayne Robb

ABA Today, LLC
Provider #: OP-13-2404
Contact: Rany Thommen

ABA Training Solutions
Provider #: OP-18-2795
Website :: Contact: Kathryn Mendoza

ABA Unlimited, Inc.
Provider #: OP-18-2798
Contact: Joyce C. Tu

Provider #: OP-19-3084
Contact: Amiris Dipuglia

Provider #: OP-16-2616
Contact: Williams

ABAskills, LLC
Provider #: OP-16-2610
Contact: Sarah E. Heller

ABC Interventions, Inc.
Provider #: OP-03-0028
Website :: Contact: Van Haaren

ABLE Developmental Clinic Inc.
Provider #: OP-13-2337
Contact: Nathan Searle

Provider #: OP-19-3003
Contact: LorRainne Jones

Above and Beyond Learning Group
Provider #: OP-14-2441
Contact: Lauren Kryzak

ABX Solutions
Provider #: OP-13-2399
Website :: Contact: Zahra Hajiaghamohseni

ACCEPT Education Collaborative
Provider #: OP-12-2202
Contact: Donovan

Achieve Beyond
Provider #: OP-08-0161
Contact: Tara Karen

Achievement Behavior Services, Inc.
Provider #: OP-18-2885
Contact: Brian Goldman

Achievement Center
Provider #: OP-13-2227
Contact: Gulick

Achieving True Self, Inc.
Provider #: OP-19-3066
Website :: Contact: Tiffany Shafer

Addison Behavioral Resources
Provider #: OP-17-2757
Website :: Contact: Megan Hafen

Advanced Behavior/Communication Solutions, LLC
Provider #: OP-17-2748
Contact: Joseph Novak

Advanced Behavioral Health, Inc.
Provider #: OP-18-2806
Contact: Junelyn Lazo-Pearson

Advanced Neuro Connections
Provider #: OP-17-2789
Website :: Contact: Carrie Myers

Adventures with Autism
Provider #: IP-19-2581
Contact: Samantha Parnham

Affecting Behavior Changing, LLC
Provider #: OP-17-2771
Website :: Contact: Christen Russell

Agency for Persons with Disabilities
Provider #: OP-11-2131
Contact: Coleman

Provider #: OP-16-2627
Contact: Donahue-Maxham

AIM Behavior Services
Provider #: OP-19-2980
Contact: Michelle Boutron

AJ Licensed Behavior Analyst
Provider #: OP-18-2848
Contact: Adeena Jacobson

AKABA (Alaska Association for Behavior Analysis)
Provider #: OP-18-2869
Contact: Veronica Howard

Alabama Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-11-2093
Contact: Makenzie Bayles

Provider #: OP-18-2911
Contact: Mapy Chavez

Alice Symmes
Provider #: IP-18-2511
Contact: Alice Symmes

Alison Dorothea Cox
Provider #: IP-17-2488
Contact: Alison Cox

Allgood & Tehrani Licensed Behavior Analysts
Provider #: OP-19-2985
Contact: Alessandra Rannazzisi

Alliance Behavior Education Collaborative, LLC
Provider #: OP-18-2929
Contact: Matthew Sabo

Ally Pediatric Therapy
Provider #: IP-19-2576
Contact: Kellie Band

Provider #: OP-16-2600
Website :: Contact: Pamela Lawrynowycz

Alpine Learning Group, Inc.
Provider #: OP-09-0293
Contact: Taylor

Alternative Behavior Strategies, LLC
Provider #: OP-19-2979
Contact: Jeffrey Skibitsky

Alvies, Sheryl
Provider #: IP-11-2125
Contact: Alvies

Alysa Vos
Provider #: IP-15-2432
Website :: Contact: Vos

Amanda Eberhardt
Provider #: IP-19-2544
Website :: Contact: Amanda Eberhardt

Amego, Inc.
Provider #: OP-14-2502
Contact: Annie Barlow

American College of Applied Science, Inc.
Provider #: OP-11-2127
Contact: DeFranco

American HealthAide Care Inc.
Provider #: OP-15-2561
Contact: Rechany

Anderson Center for Autism
Provider #: OP-19-3001
Contact: Amanda Nowak

Animate Behavior
Provider #: OP-17-2732
Contact: Ashley Fiorilli

Ann Lodolini-Kho
Provider #: IP-16-2475
Contact: Ann Lodolini-Kho

Antioch University New England
Provider #: OP-10-2023
Contact: Moran

Applied Behavior Center for Autism
Provider #: OP-18-2804
Contact: Kari Elbert

Applied Behavior Consultants
Provider #: OP-07-0131
Contact: Connie Wong

Applied Behavior Services, LLC
Provider #: OP-16-2692
Contact: Lisa Gilbertsen

Applied Behavioral Alternatives, Inc.
Provider #: OP-16-2680
Website :: Contact: Darren Lemon

Applied Behavioral Analysis Services
Provider #: OP-19-2943
Contact: Jessica Chmyzinski

Applied Behavioral Interventions
Provider #: OP-14-2487
Contact: Braden Josephson

Applied Behavioral Learning Enterprises, Inc.
Provider #: OP-19-2951
Contact: Colleen Cornwall

Applied Behavioral Mental Health Counseling, P.C.
Provider #: OP-19-3070
Contact: Gitty Endzweig

Applied Behavioral Solutions, LLC
Provider #: OP-12-2168
Website :: Contact: Smith

Applied Behavioral Strategies, LLC
Provider #: OP-11-2092
Website :: Contact: Olive

Applying Behavior Concepts
Provider #: OP-05-0079
Website :: Contact: Houvouras

Aprendamos Intervention Team
Provider #: OP-17-2706
Contact: Krista Brooker

Aptitude Habilitation Services
Provider #: OP-18-2805
Contact: Alexandra Tomei

ARC Broward
Provider #: OP-03-0032
Website :: Contact: Jody Ellis

Arion Care Solutions, LLC
Provider #: OP-18-2864
Contact: Sarah Duarte

Arisleidy Rivers
Provider #: IP-19-2569
Contact: Arisleidy Rivers

Arizona Association of Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-16-2659
Website :: Contact: Kellie Band

Arizona Centers for Comprehensive Education and Life Skills (ACCEL)
Provider #: OP-08-0196
Contact: Davey

Arkansas Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-18-2875
Contact: Sheila Barnes

ASAP - A Step Ahead Program, LLC
Provider #: OP-19-3043
Website :: Contact: Lina Slim-Topdjian

Ascend Behavior Partners
Provider #: OP-19-3080
Contact: Dr. Michael Wright

Asociatia de Terapie Comportamentala Aplicata (Association for Applied Behavior Therapy)
Provider #: OP-15-2517
Contact: Ancuta Dumitrescu

ASPB Therapy Pathways
Provider #: OP-19-3016
Contact: Kiya Olson

Aspen Behavioral Consulting
Provider #: OP-18-2891
Contact: Diana M Davis Wilson

Association for Behavior Analysis, International
Provider #: OP-02-0006
Website :: Contact: Malott

Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia
Provider #: OP-15-2551
Website :: Contact: Haberlin

Association for Maine Behavior Analysis (AMeBA)
Provider #: OP-18-2817
Contact: Nicole Boivin

Association for Positive Behavior Support
Provider #: OP-06-0100
Contact: Perrin

Association Francaise pour la Celeration Standard
Provider #: OP-17-2774
Contact: Simon Dejardin

Association of Professional Behavior Analysts
Provider #: OP-10-2067
Contact: Green

Associazione Alba Onlus
Provider #: OP-16-2663
Website :: Contact: Daniele Rizzi

Atlantic Provinces Association for Behaviour Analysis
Provider #: OP-19-2987
Contact: Samantha Herberman

Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority (APSEA)
Provider #: OP-13-2340
Contact: Shelley McLean

Attentive Behavior Mental Health Counseling, BC
Provider #: OP-16-2679
Contact: Maria Pantelides

Aubrey Daniels International
Provider #: OP-14-2431
Website :: Contact: Bart Sevin

Autism and Behavior Resources
Provider #: OP-19-3065
Website :: Contact: Erin Demcher

Autism Behavior Intervention, Inc.
Provider #: OP-12-2205
Contact: Saltzman

Autism Behavior Services, Inc.
Provider #: OP-18-2920
Contact: Colleen Cochran

Autism Bridges, LLC
Provider #: OP-19-3098
Contact: Thea Davis

Autism Centers of Michigan
Provider #: OP-18-2838
Contact: Brianna Elsasser

Autism Concepts
Provider #: OP-15-2549
Contact: Champlin

Autism Home Support Services, Inc
Provider #: OP-14-2461
Contact: Jana Sarno

Autism Intervention Professionals
Provider #: OP-18-2807
Contact: Monica Yeo

Autism Intervention Services
Provider #: OP-19-3101
Contact: Danielle Pelletier

Autism Learning Partners
Provider #: OP-09-0291
Contact: Chang

Autism New Jersey
Provider #: OP-05-0085
Website :: Contact: Buchanan

Autism Partnership
Provider #: OP-10-2010
Website :: Contact: McEachin

Autism Skills Development, LLC
Provider #: OP-14-2508
Contact: Anne Denning

Autism Society of America
Provider #: OP-08-0155
Contact: Ball

Autism Therapy & Training Inc.
Provider #: OP-19-2978
Website :: Contact: Chaza Attar

Aveanna Healthcare
Provider #: OP-15-2588
Contact: Norm Dahl

Provider #: OP-19-2996
Contact: Renae Jones

B.F. Skinner Foundation
Provider #: OP-07-0136
Contact: Suzanne Letso

Balance Autism
Provider #: OP-14-2455
Contact: Evelyn Jo Horton

Balanced Behavior Analyst
Provider #: OP-19-2982
Website :: Contact: Rebecca Correll

Provider #: OP-18-2801
Contact: Tracy Kettering

Barbera, Mary
Provider #: OP-11-2141
Website :: Contact: Barbera

Provider #: OP-18-2925
Website :: Contact: Aaron

Bay Path College
Provider #: OP-14-2428
Contact: Susan Ainsleigh

Provider #: OP-17-2750
Contact: Kristen Koba-Burdt

Beacon Health Options
Provider #: OP-18-2811
Contact: Eve Rasmussen

Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan
Provider #: OP-05-0073
Website :: Contact: Sorensen-Kowalski

Behavior Analysis Association of Mississippi
Provider #: OP-16-2662
Website :: Contact: Neelima Duncan

Behavior Analysis Center for Autism
Provider #: OP-15-2566
Website :: Contact: Dorlet

Behavior Analysis No Ka Oi, Inc.
Provider #: OP-18-2931
Website :: Contact: Sara Sato

Behavior Analysis, Inc.
Provider #: OP-16-2613
Contact: Garcia

Behavior Analyst Community of Central Jersey A NJ Nonprofit Corporation
Provider #: OP-19-3056
Website :: Contact: Tessie Gersten

Behavior Analyst Leadership Council
Provider #: OP-16-2630
Contact: Marino

Behavior Analyst Supervisor, Inc.
Provider #: OP-14-2483
Website :: Contact: Kevin Van Laeken

Behavior Analysts of New Jersey, LLC
Provider #: OP-17-2773
Website :: Contact: Anjalee Nirgudkar

Behavior Analysts, Inc.
Provider #: OP-02-0007
Website :: Contact: Partington

Behavior and Development Center
Provider #: OP-19-3014
Contact: Tiffany Mendez

Behavior and Education Inc.
Provider #: OP-15-2583
Contact: Endlich

Behavior Development Group of Massachusetts
Provider #: OP-19-2959
Contact: Mia Morgan

Behavior Development Solutions
Provider #: OP-02-0017
Website :: Contact: Eversole

Behavior Experts, LLC
Provider #: OP-11-2128
Website :: Contact: Nigro-Bruzzi

Behavior Frontiers, LLC
Provider #: OP-11-2095
Contact: Carrine Pilkington

Behavior Management Consultants
Provider #: OP-05-0072
Website :: Contact: Cecil Baker Wright

Behavior Services of Western Massachusetts
Provider #: OP-18-2921
Contact: Kathleen Deniger

Behavior Solutions, LLC
Provider #: OP-16-2596
Contact: Levy

Behavior Therapy Associates
Provider #: OP-16-2676
Website :: Contact: Michael Selbst

Behavior Therapy Clinic
Provider #: OP-16-2595
Contact: Madsen

Behavior Therapy International
Provider #: OP-17-2775
Website :: Contact: Paul Eschbach

Behavior TLC, Inc.
Provider #: OP-15-2548
Website :: Contact: Pugh

Behavior University
Provider #: OP-16-2658
Contact: Shannon Crozier

Behavior Webinars
Provider #: OP-16-2649
Website :: Contact: Jamie Flowers

Behavioral & Counseling Services, LLC
Provider #: OP-19-2971
Contact: Michael Rohr

Behavioral and Educational Strategies and Training
Provider #: OP-16-2606
Website :: Contact: Bruno

Behavioral Autism Therapies, LLC
Provider #: OP-18-2833
Website :: Contact: Loc Le

Behavioral Concepts Inc.
Provider #: OP-14-2462
Website :: Contact: Candice Colon

Behavioral Health Center of Excellence
Provider #: OP-17-2793
Contact: Christine Ratcliff

Behavioral Health Works, Inc.
Provider #: OP-18-2834
Contact: Jennifer Cummings

Behavioral Intervention Group
Provider #: OP-17-2727
Contact: Anna Sturgeon

Behavioral Learning Systems, Inc.
Provider #: OP-19-3013
Contact: Janice Gaboury Pulcini

Behavioral Services of Tennessee
Provider #: OP-07-0137
Contact: Cea

Behaviorist Perspective, Inc.
Provider #: OP-19-3011
Contact: Steven Loreus

Provider #: OP-19-3006
Contact: Holly Steinkamp

Provider #: OP-18-2849
Contact: Ana Escalante

BehaviorWorks ABA
Provider #: OP-16-2668
Website :: Contact: Ann Baloski

Behaviour Analysis Academy
Provider #: OP-19-2977
Contact: Ling Chong

Behaviour Innovations
Provider #: OP-19-3057
Website :: Contact: Joel Hundert

Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy
Provider #: OP-02-0013
Website :: Contact: Ahearn

Beth Raiola
Provider #: IP-19-2562
Contact: Beth Raiola

Bethany Patterson
Provider #: IP-19-2559
Contact: Bethany Patterson

Bethesda LC
Provider #: OP-18-2916
Contact: Mark Ammer

Beyond Expectations, Inc.
Provider #: OP-17-2772
Contact: Ashley McKay

Provider #: OP-18-2932
Contact: Karen Talty

BGF Performance Systems, LLC
Provider #: OP-17-2736
Contact: Bradley Frieswyk

Bierman ABA Autism Center
Provider #: OP-16-2650
Website :: Contact: Courtney Agarwal

Bloom Behavior and Consulting Services, LLC
Provider #: OP-17-2735
Website :: Contact: Lela Smith

Blossom Behavioral Services
Provider #: OP-18-2888
Website :: Contact: Kathryn-Christine Schale Fitterer

Blue Sea Educational Consulting Inc.
Provider #: OP-18-2861
Contact: Megan Nicholson

Blue Sprig Pediatrics
Provider #: OP-18-2895
Contact: Summer Adami

Bonnell, Deanna
Provider #: IP-11-2117
Contact: Bonnell

Boston Behavior Learning Centers (BBLC)
Provider #: OP-18-2796
Contact: Ellyn Ellis

Boston Public Schools
Provider #: OP-16-2598
Contact: Houston

Boundless Behavioral Health
Provider #: OP-19-3077
Contact: Christine Fannin

Braintrust Behavioral Health
Provider #: OP-17-2728
Website :: Contact: Zachariah Dugger

Brett DiNovi & Associates, LLC
Provider #: OP-14-2509
Website :: Contact: Brett DiNovi

Brevard County Public Schools
Provider #: OP-18-2893
Contact: Patricia Rich

BRI-ABA Services, LLC
Provider #: OP-19-3097
Website :: Contact: Christian Carbonell

Brian Conners, BCBA, LLC
Provider #: OP-18-2872
Website :: Contact: Brian Conners

Provider #: OP-18-2813
Contact: Laurel Ciavarri

Brigid McCormick
Provider #: IP-18-2526
Contact: Brigid McCormick

British Columbia Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-08-0179
Website :: Contact: White

Brock University, Department of Applied Disability Studies
Provider #: OP-11-2080
Contact: Dr. Feldman

Brockton Area Multi-Services, Inc.
Provider #: OP-19-3089
Contact: Andrew Smith

Brookville Center for Children's Services
Provider #: OP-19-2991
Contact: Kristine Loccisano

Bryan Scott Tanner
Provider #: IP-16-2470
Website :: Contact: Bryan Tanner

bSci21Media, LLC
Provider #: OP-16-2609
Contact: Ward

Bucks County Intermediate Unit #22
Provider #: OP-09-0219
Contact: McElrath

Bureau of Autism Services, Department of Public Welfare
Provider #: OP-07-0141
Contact: Alford

Butterfly Effects, LLC
Provider #: OP-07-0153
Website :: Contact: Amy Bukszpan

Caldwell University
Provider #: OP-09-0207
Contact: Reeve

Caleb Davis
Provider #: IP-19-2555

California ABA
Provider #: OP-02-0001
Website :: Contact: Lisa Britton

California Academy on Transition Studies
Provider #: OP-16-2619
Contact: Kimm

California Department of Education - Diagnostic Center of Southern California
Provider #: OP-18-2802
Contact: Margot Johnson

California Psychcare
Provider #: OP-18-2825
Contact: Leili Zarbakhsh

California State University Fresno
Provider #: OP-05-0078
Contact: Wilhite

California Unified Service Providers, LLC.
Provider #: OP-06-0107
Contact: Maier

Callan Institute, Saint John of God Hospitaller Ministries
Provider #: OP-10-2056
Website :: Contact: Martin

Provider #: OP-19-2989
Contact: Steven Perez

Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies
Provider #: OP-04-0058
Website :: Contact: Axe

Camen Behavioral Services, LLC
Provider #: OP-16-2599
Contact: Rich

Canopy Children's Solutions
Provider #: OP-18-2815
Contact: James Moore

Carbone Clinic
Provider #: OP-14-2466
Website :: Contact: Emily Kerwin

Carbone, Vincent J.
Provider #: IP-03-0034
Website :: Contact: Carbone

Provider #: OP-17-2710
Contact: Lauren Lanier

CARES Educational Clinic
Provider #: OP-14-2495
Website :: Contact: Katy Davenport

Carolina Behavior Analysis & Support Center
Provider #: OP-04-0059
Contact: Reid

Carolina Center for ABA and Autism Treatment
Provider #: OP-12-2218
Contact: Kerin Weingarten

Caroline Peters
Provider #: IP-16-2481
Website :: Contact: Caroline Peters

Casa Gioia
Provider #: OP-18-2857
Contact: Fabiola Casarini

Catherine Wayman
Provider #: IP-18-2531
Contact: Catherine Wayman

Cathy Pratt
Provider #: IP-11-2129
Contact: Cathy Pratt

Provider #: OP-19-2961
Contact: Christina Countie

Provider #: OP-19-2961
Contact: Christina Countie

Celmer, Steven
Provider #: IP-12-2191
Contact: Steven Celmer

Center for Applied Behavioral Instruction (CABI)
Provider #: OP-19-3010
Contact: Todd Montgomery

Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Inc. (CARD)
Provider #: OP-06-0123
Website :: Contact: Doreen Granpeesheh

Center for Children with Special Needs, LLC
Provider #: OP-10-2028
Contact: Palmieri

Center for Learning and Autism Support Services
Provider #: OP-19-3027
Contact: Amy Sartin

Center for Pediatric Behavioral Health
Provider #: OP-17-2792
Contact: Carole Van Camp

Center for Promoting Research to Practice
Provider #: OP-19-2992
Website :: Contact:

Center for Promoting Research to Practice
Provider #: OP-19-2992
Website :: Contact: Noor Sayed

Centra Health
Provider #: OP-19-3046
Website :: Contact: Crystal Collette

Central Texas Autism Center
Provider #: OP-19-2988
Website :: Contact: Morgan Stockdale

CentralReach, LLC
Provider #: OP-12-2212
Website :: Contact: Gregory Paquette

Centre for Education Behavioral Research & Intervention in the Community (CEBRIC)
Provider #: OP-16-2640
Website :: Contact: Laura Campbell

Centria Healthcare
Provider #: OP-16-2603
Contact: Sarah Dunkel-Jackson

Provider #: OP-12-2190
Website :: Contact: Evans

Challenge Early Intervention Center
Provider #: OP-12-2162
Contact: Ibel

Provider #: OP-18-2877
Contact: Lisa Ramsey

Chandni Kumar
Provider #: IP-19-2578
Contact: Chandni Kumar

Chester County Intermediate Unit
Provider #: OP-18-2930
Contact: Dustin Polis

Chicago Autism and Behavior Specialists
Provider #: OP-18-2812
Website :: Contact: Amanda Parker

Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Provider #: OP-08-0178
Contact: Ashley Whittington-Barnish

Child & Community Resources
Provider #: OP-19-2981
Contact: Natalie Croteau

Child & Parent Resource Institute (CPRI)
Provider #: OP-15-2455
Contact: Patricia Petersen

Child and Adolescent Services Research Center
Provider #: OP-16-2597
Contact: Chan

Child Autism UK
Provider #: OP-18-2887
Contact: Claire Cotterill

Child Early Intervention Medical Center
Provider #: OP-19-3071
Contact: Carrie McMillan

Children's Autism Center
Provider #: OP-16-2690
Website :: Contact: Jill Forte

Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia
Provider #: OP-19-3074
Contact: Lauren Frederick

Provider #: OP-13-2364
Contact: Collins

Church, Heather
Provider #: IP-10-2030
Contact: Church

Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism
Provider #: OP-07-0144
Website :: Contact: Colleen Muhvic

Clinical Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-18-2905
Contact: Stephen Foreman

Colorado ABA Therapy LLC
Provider #: OP-19-3079
Contact: Breann Gonzalez

Colorado Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-15-2541
Contact: Melissa Nosik

Colorado BLG
Provider #: OP-19-2947
Website :: Contact: Kaitlyn Taylor

Commonwealth Autism Service
Provider #: OP-09-0289
Contact: Courtney Vaughan

Community Services Australia, Ltd
Provider #: OP-18-2850
Contact: Megan Borlase

Compass Counseling Services of NOVA
Provider #: OP-18-2863
Website :: Contact: Margaret Stout

Comprehensive Autism Center (CAC)
Provider #: OP-18-2845
Contact: Monique Erickson

Confidence Connection
Provider #: OP-18-2827
Contact: Eve Weber

Connecticut Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-07-0025
Contact: Melissa Saunders

Connecting the Pieces, LLC
Provider #: OP-16-2693
Contact: Fernando Vinagre

Connections Behavior Planning & Intervention, LLC
Provider #: OP-17-2781
Contact: Dustin Dixon

Constellations Behavioral Services
Provider #: OP-15-2592
Contact: Heald

Continuum Autism Spectrum Alliance
Provider #: OP-14-2477
Contact: Jamie Bassos

Cooperative Educational Services
Provider #: OP-14-2474
Website :: Contact: Christine Lamas

Cornerstones Autism Services
Provider #: OP-19-3022
Contact: Kathleen Martinek

Counseling Service of Addison County
Provider #: OP-16-2635
Contact: Mayo

Courtney Buckley
Provider #: IP-17-2507
Contact: Courtney Buckley

Coyne & Associates Education Corp.
Provider #: OP-18-2832
Website :: Contact: Leonard Levin

Craig Domanski, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Provider #: IP-18-2510
Contact: Craig Domanski

Creating Behavioral and Educational Momentum
Provider #: OP-14-2489
Contact: Weihe Huang

Creative Interventions, LLC
Provider #: OP-13-2377
Contact: Melissa S. Saunders

CREC River Street School
Provider #: OP-05-0095
Contact: Kathleen Dyer

Cristin Ketley
Provider #: IP-18-2522
Contact: Cristin Leahy

Crossroads School
Provider #: OP-12-2181
Website :: Contact: Rachel Farber

Crystal Minds New Beginning
Provider #: OP-15-2556
Website :: Contact: Gilbert

Cumulative Records Documentation Society
Provider #: OP-18-2924
Contact: Benjamin Theisen

Curt Mower
Provider #: IP-17-2503
Contact: Curt Mower

Daemen College
Provider #: OP-18-2922
Contact: Vicki Knapp

Daisy Wang
Provider #: IP-18-2512
Website :: Contact: Daisy Wang

Dalla Luna Formazione
Provider #: OP-17-2717
Contact: Guido D'Angelo

Danielle Bratton
Provider #: IP-19-2565
Website :: Contact: Danielle Bratton

Dar Al-Hekma College
Provider #: OP-13-2374
Contact: Al-Haddad

Data Makes the Difference LLC
Provider #: OP-17-2754
Website :: Contact: Elizabeth Maher

Provider #: OP-11-2121
Website :: Contact: Haylee Royal

Deborah Fredheim-Hagstrom
Provider #: IP-18-2528
Contact: Deborah Fredheim-Hagstrom

Deirdre Muldoon
Provider #: IP-19-2556
Contact: Deirdre Muldoon

Delaware Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-17-2739
Contact: Kaori Nepo

Provider #: OP-05-0084
Contact: McCurdy

Diane Juzba
Provider #: IP-18-2517
Contact: Diane Juzba

Dianne Verstappen
Provider #: IP-18-2536
Contact: Dianne Verstappen

Provider #: OP-18-2883
Contact: Nicholas Barratt

Dissemination of Behavior Analysis Special Interest Group
Provider #: OP-14-2490
Website :: Contact: Ana E Escalante

Division of Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children
Provider #: OP-10-2037
Contact: Barton

Division on Autism & Developmental Disabilities of the Council for Exceptional Children
Provider #: OP-19-3096
Contact: Jenny Root

DOBE - Distinguished Organization for Behavior Enterprises
Provider #: OP-19-3093
Contact: Amanda Kelly

Dorothy Ranew
Provider #: IP-14-2416
Website :: Contact: Dorothy Ranew

Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center
Provider #: OP-03-0043
Contact: Arnold

Dr. Kerri Marie Krauss
Provider #: IP-16-2469
Contact: Kerri Krauss

East Van Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-17-2697
Contact: Katie Allen

Provider #: OP-18-2868
Contact: Ravit Stein

Easter Seals Bay Area
Provider #: OP-18-2882
Contact: Ashley Langeliers

Easter Seals UCP
Provider #: OP-19-2941
Contact: Soraya Kunnavatana

EBS Healthcare
Provider #: OP-18-2935
Contact: Alexandra Kopack

Ed Support Services
Provider #: OP-15-2562
Contact: Greenberg

EDCO Collaborative
Provider #: OP-17-2776
Contact: Lisa Gurdin

Eden Autism
Provider #: OP-19-2997
Contact: Thomas Zane

Eden II Programs
Provider #: OP-09-0295
Website :: Contact: McDonald

Eden Outreach
Provider #: OP-08-0197
Contact: Bott-Tomarchio

EdKinetic, LLC
Provider #: OP-16-2594
Website :: Contact: Franchock

Education Research Center for Children with ASD, Beijing Normal University
Provider #: OP-18-2881
Contact: Xiaoyi Hu

Effective Interventions
Provider #: OP-19-3040
Contact: Monique Baker

Eldar-ABA Studies
Provider #: OP-16-2608
Contact: Eldar

Elizabeth A Miles
Provider #: IP-18-2533
Contact: Elizabeth A Miles

Els for Autism Foundation
Provider #: OP-15-2573
Contact: Sotelo

Provider #: OP-16-2621
Website :: Contact: Ashlee Lamson

Elyscha Harris
Provider #: IP-19-2547
Contact: Elyscha Harris

Emergent Behavior Consulting, LLC
Provider #: OP-17-2762
Contact: Jacob Daar

Emily Jane Kerwin
Provider #: IP-14-2405
Contact: Emily Kerwin

Emirates College for Advanced Education (ECAE)
Provider #: OP-15-2525
Website :: Contact: Dr. Michelle Kelly

Emory Autism Center at Emory University
Provider #: OP-12-2154
Contact: Morrier

Empowered: A Center for Sexuality, LLC
Provider #: OP-17-2760
Website :: Contact: Nicholas Maio

Encore Licensed Behavior Analyst PLLC.
Provider #: OP-19-2967
Contact: Mordechai Meisels

Erinoak Kids
Provider #: OP-12-2177
Contact: Konrad

Provider #: OP-18-2892
Website :: Contact: Fabiola Casarini

ESDM Canada
Provider #: OP-16-2648
Website :: Contact: Janet Harder

European Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-04-0065
Website :: Contact: Christos Nikopoulos

Exceptional Learning LLC
Provider #: OP-17-2742
Contact: Shannon Vitelli

Experimental Analysis of Behaviour Group
Provider #: OP-18-2919
Contact: Rebecca Sharp

Experimental Behavior Analysis & Translational Research in Behavioral Science
Provider #: OP-19-3068
Contact: Jaspreet Jagpal

Factari Holding, LLC
Provider #: OP-18-2821
Contact: Joshua Pritchard

Family Initiative, Incorporated
Provider #: OP-18-2915
Contact: Anjali Van Drie

Family Insight P.C.
Provider #: OP-18-2810
Contact: Geoff Loughrey

Family Residences & Essential Enterprises, Inc.
Provider #: OP-10-0296
Contact: LaRosa

FASST (Foundation for the Advancement of a Strategic Science of Teaching)
Provider #: OP-19-3042
Contact: Jennifer Weber

Filling in the Blanks Behavior Consultation (FIB)
Provider #: IP-19-2583
Contact: Veronica Schama

Firefly Autism Services
Provider #: OP-13-2350
Contact: Ken Winn

First Leap Pediatric Therapy
Provider #: OP-17-2791
Contact: Cyndi O'Toole

FIRST of Western North Carolina
Provider #: OP-19-3055
Contact: William Overfelt

First Steps Interventions, Inc.
Provider #: OP-18-2909
Contact: Paloma Rodriguez

FirstSteps for Kids, Inc.
Provider #: OP-11-2113
Contact: Harris

FIT Learning
Provider #: OP-19-3061
Contact: Kendra Newsome

FIVE Bhaviour & Education Services, Inc.
Provider #: OP-19-3005
Contact: Elizabeth Sparling

Flavia M. Ploog
Provider #: IP-17-2493
Contact: Flavia Ploog

Florida ABA
Provider #: OP-02-0014
Website :: Contact: Murphy

Florida Association of School Psychologists
Provider #: OP-15-2519
Contact: Michael Kelleher

Florida Atlantic University - Center for Autism & Related Disabilities
Provider #: OP-06-0119
Contact: Scott

Florida Autism Center
Provider #: OP-10-2074
Contact: Meade McHenry

Footprints Behavioral Interventions
Provider #: OP-17-2786
Contact: Tran Luu

Forest Bridge School
Provider #: OP-19-3033
Contact: Susan Tirella

Forest City Behavior LLC
Provider #: OP-10-2048
Website :: Contact: Wade

Fountain, Dawn
Provider #: IP-13-2356
Contact: Fountain

Four Corners Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-07-0140
Contact: Amy Kenzer

Provider #: OP-10-2021
Website :: Contact: Moran

Provider #: OP-19-3099
Contact: Timothy Moore

Fred S. Keller School
Provider #: OP-16-2683
Contact: JeanneMarie Speckman-Kilroe

FTF Behavioral Consulting
Provider #: OP-19-3076
Contact: Holly Gover

Garden Academy
Provider #: OP-11-2124
Contact: Gureghian

Garner, Dana
Provider #: IP-13-2345
Contact: Garner

Gateway Learning Group
Provider #: OP-18-2818
Contact: Margaret Yost

Gateway Pediatric Therapy
Provider #: OP-18-2936
Contact: Christina Vestevich

GBC aba
Provider #: OP-19-2973
Website :: Contact: Ginny G Nikiforos

Geneva Centre for Autism
Provider #: OP-13-2415
Website :: Contact: Evelyn Romero

Georgia Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-16-2657
Website :: Contact: Kimberly N. Frame

Gianna Biscontini
Provider #:

Gianna Biscontini
Provider #: IP-19-2546
Contact: Gianna Biscontini

Gillian Martin
Provider #: IP-18-2516
Website :: Contact: Gillian Martin

Glasberg Behavioral Consulting Services, LLC
Provider #: OP-18-2831
Website :: Contact: Beth Glasberg

Global Autism Project
Provider #: OP-12-2185
Contact: Jacob Sadavoy

Global Behavioral Health
Provider #: OP-13-2371
Website :: Contact: Mackal

Gloucester County Special Services School District
Provider #: OP-19-3009
Contact: Tracy Ruff

Gold Coast Children's Center
Provider #: OP-19-2993
Contact: Lori Mastrogiacomo

GoldStar Learning Options
Provider #: OP-18-2835
Contact: Robyn Ledebuhr

Graham Behavioral Services
Provider #: OP-18-2823
Contact: Cara Graham

Great Circle
Provider #: OP-18-2908
Contact: Brandon May

Green Box ABA, PLLC
Provider #: OP-16-2612
Contact: Barbara Kaminski

Greenbush - The Southeast Kansas Education Service Center
Provider #: OP-18-2910
Contact: Alexandria

Guy Bruce
Provider #: IP-14-2410
Contact: Guy Bruce

H.O.P.E. Group LLC
Provider #: OP-13-2363
Contact: Tisha Denton

Hannah Kate Robicheau
Provider #: IP-17-2483
Contact: Hannah Robicheau

Haugland Therapy Services
Provider #: OP-18-2896
Contact: Heather White

Hawaii Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-12-2196
Contact: Kathleen Penland

Hawthorne Country Day School
Provider #: OP-04-0055
Contact: Bicard

Hawthorne Country Day School
Provider #: OP-18-2918
Contact: Nicole Piechowicz

Heartland Area Education Agency (AEA) 11
Provider #: OP-18-2830
Contact: Stacy Volmer

Provider #: OP-17-2726
Website :: Contact: Khang Joseph Nguyen

Heather Dorn-Deasy
Provider #: IP-17-2497
Contact: Heather Dorn-Deasy

Heather Gilmore
Provider #: IP-19-2587
Website :: Contact: Heather Gilmore

Hebert Intervention and Learning Services
Provider #: OP-18-2853
Website :: Contact: Brigitte Hanna

Heitzman-Powell, Linda
Provider #: IP-10-2012
Contact: Heitzman-Powell

Hieneman, Mary Ellen
Provider #: IP-09-0199
Contact: Hieneman

Hillsborough County Public Schools
Provider #: OP-18-2840
Contact: Michael T. Kelleher

HMEA - Horace Mann Educational Associates Inc
Provider #: OP-08-0164
Contact: Kari Dunlop

Holland Center
Provider #: OP-18-2854
Contact: Marietta Janecky

Hong Kong Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-10-2063
Website :: Contact: Greenberg

Hoom House
Provider #: OP-19-2965
Contact: Lauren Nemer-Kaiser

Hoosier Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-09-0233
Contact: Ann Dorlet

Hope 4 Autism
Provider #: OP-17-2764
Website :: Contact: Sheila Barnes

Hopeful Journeys Educational Center, Inc.
Provider #: OP-17-2737
Website :: Contact: Allison Bowhers

How to ABA
Provider #: OP-17-2778
Website :: Contact: Shayna Gaunt

Human Services Management Corporation (HSMC)
Provider #: OP-04-0062
Website :: Contact: Ross

Human Services Solutions LLC
Provider #: OP-19-3002
Website :: Contact: Gary Carone

Hybridge Learning Group
Provider #: OP-14-2497
Website :: Contact: Danielle Fellman

Provider #: OP-14-2426
Website :: Contact: Luigi Iovino

Ian Melton
Provider #: IP-18-2530
Contact: Ian Melton

Icelandic Association for Behavior Analysis (ICEABA)
Provider #: OP-15-2579
Contact: Sveinbjornsdottir

IDD Certificate Program - Brock University, Ontario
Provider #: OP-05-0077
Website :: Contact: Feldman

Illinois Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-16-2686
Website :: Contact: Scott Herbst

Illinois Crisis Prevention Network
Provider #: OP-14-2420
Contact: Burke

Imagine Behavioral and Developmental Services
Provider #: OP-17-2752
Contact: Richard Justus

Implementation Scientists, LLC
Provider #: OP-14-2481
Website :: Contact: Michelle Duda

Provider #: OP-11-2132
Contact: McNerney

Including Kids, Inc.
Provider #: OP-13-2335
Contact: Dantzler

Inclusive Education and Community Partnership
Provider #: OP-19-3036
Website :: Contact: Mary Clare Bonow

Infinite Personal Possibilities, Inc.
Provider #: OP-06-0117
Website :: Contact: Safko

Inizio Interventions
Provider #: OP-16-2664
Contact: Cara Entz

InJewel LLC
Provider #: OP-18-2889
Website :: Contact: Julie Slowiak

Institute for Accessibility Development Tsinghua University
Provider #: OP-19-3092
Website :: Contact: Ziwei Xu

Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-02-0027
Website :: Contact: LaVigna

Institute for Behavioral Training
Provider #: OP-14-2427
Website :: Contact: Denise Rhine

Institute for Child Development
Provider #: OP-14-2451
Contact: Rachel Cavalari

Institute for Effective Behavioral Interventions
Provider #: OP-17-2695
Contact: Luisa Canon

Instructional ABA Consultants
Provider #: OP-16-2673
Website :: Contact: Jessica Topalov

Integrated Development Services, Inc.
Provider #: OP-17-2783
Contact: Carrie Wingert

Interactive Kids
Provider #: OP-14-2447
Contact: Steven Trout

International Center for Autism Research & Education
Provider #: OP-12-2176
Contact: Rechany

Intervention Fundamentals
Provider #: OP-17-2751
Website :: Contact: Zachary Benkovitz

Iowa Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-15-2579
Website :: Contact: Sarah Bergthold

Provider #: OP-19-3058
Contact: Susan Sczerzenie

Isaakov, Zaur
Provider #: IP-12-2143
Contact: Isaakov

Ismenia Gonzalez
Provider #: IP-19-2567
Contact: Ismenia Gonzalez

Israeli Association for Applied Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-05-0069
Website :: Contact: Eldar

Israeli Association for Certified Behavior Analysts
Provider #: OP-11-2118
Contact: Dita Hod

J Kelly
Provider #: OP-18-2937
Contact: Jessica Kelly

J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center
Provider #: OP-19-2998
Website :: Contact: Joseph Robitaille

JAAC - Brainbuilders Inc.
Provider #: OP-12-2146
Contact: Sorotzkin

Jacksonville State University
Provider #: OP-18-2794
Contact: Paige McKerchar

James Green
Provider #: IP-19-2572
Contact: James Green

Jamie Redding
Provider #: IP-19-2573
Contact: Jamie Redding

Jennifer Leigh Nash
Provider #: IP-17-2491
Contact: Jennifer Nash

Jennifer Martin
Provider #: IP-19-2553
Contact: Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Stam Fountain
Provider #: IP-18-2532
Contact: Jennifer Stam Fountain

Joanna Leal
Provider #: IP-19-2586
Contact: Joanna Leal

Johnson Consulting, LLC
Provider #: OP-19-3041
Contact: Kristin Riley

Jonathan Kimball
Provider #: IP-14-2430
Contact: Jonathan Kimball

JumpStart Autism Center
Provider #: OP-19-2952
Contact: Brian Lopez

Justin B. Leaf
Provider #: IP-13-2400
Contact: Leaf

Kalamazoo Autism Center
Provider #: OP-18-2846
Contact: Rebecca Eldridge

Kaleidoscope Interventions
Provider #: OP-17-2777
Contact: Craig DeVincenzo

Kansas Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-16-2671
Contact: Tyler R

Kansas Technical Assistance System Network (TASN)
Provider #: OP-15-2563
Contact: Lawrence

Kari S. Watts, Ph.D., BCBAD, LLC
Provider #: OP-19-3034
Contact: Kari Watts

Karlyn Gibbs
Provider #: IP-16-2462
Contact: Gibbs

Kate Elizabeth Harrison
Provider #: IP-19-2563
Contact: Kate Elizabeth Harrison

Katerina Dounavi
Provider #: IP-14-2428
Website :: Contact: Katerina Dounavi

Kathryn Holloran
Provider #: IP-19-2564
Contact: Kathryn Holloran

Katie Craft
Provider #: IP-18-2538
Contact: Katie Craft

KAVBA ABA Children's Center
Provider #: OP-18-2814
Website :: Contact: Hye-Suk Lee Park

Kayla Rosenberger
Provider #: IP-18-2523
Contact: Kayla Rosenberger

Kellie Syfan, M.Ed., BCBA
Provider #: IP-19-2585
Contact: Kellie Syfan

Kelly Pipe-Campbell
Provider #: IP-19-2554
Contact: Kelly Pipe-Campbell

Kentucky Association for Behavior Analysis (KYABA)
Provider #: OP-12-2222
Contact: Molly Dubuque

Kentucky Educational Development Corporation
Provider #: OP-15-2529
Contact: Rayburn-Dehart

Kerri Kraus
Provider #: IP-18-2534
Contact: Kerri Kraus

Key Autism Services
Provider #: OP-19-3072
Website :: Contact: Stephanie Nostin

KGH Consultation & Treatment, Inc.
Provider #: OP-15-2576
Website :: Contact: Ariana Boutain

Kids Overcoming, LLC
Provider #: OP-14-2510
Contact: Matthew McAlear

Kidz Choice Services Inc
Provider #: OP-17-2790
Contact: Michael Lafasakis

Kidz Conference Services, LLC
Provider #: OP-17-2780
Website :: Contact: Jaime Webber

Kim Bea Huynen
Provider #: IP-16-2460
Contact: Huynen

Kinark Child and Family Services
Provider #: OP-05-0096
Contact: Jonathan Roland

Kindle Behavior Consultants
Provider #: OP-19-3050
Website :: Contact: Nichole Lubinski

Knapp Center for Childhood Development
Provider #: OP-19-3024
Contact: Julie Knapp

Koegel Autism Consultants
Provider #: OP-14-2439
Website :: Contact: Kristin Wheatley

Korean Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-16-2641
Contact: Hye-Suk Lee Park

Krissy McCloskey
Provider #: IP-19-2582
Contact: Krissy McCloskey

Kristie Reed
Provider #: IP-19-2579
Contact: Kristie Reed

Kupfer, Jeff
Provider #: IP-04-0066
Contact: Kupfer

Kyong-Mee Chung
Provider #: IP-17-2498
Contact: Kyong-Mee Chung

Lake Ridge Community Support Services
Provider #: OP-16-2670
Website :: Contact: Karen Chartier

Lakeview Center
Provider #: OP-19-2958
Contact: Jessica Truett

Lane, Kathleen
Provider #: IP-10-2050
Contact: Lane

Launch Behavioural Health
Provider #: OP-13-2386
Contact: Zorzos

Laura Seiverling
Provider #: IP-19-2552
Contact: Laura Seiverling

Leach, Debra
Provider #: IP-12-2197
Contact: Leach

Provider #: OP-14-2488
Contact: Amy Lequire

Learn Behavioral
Provider #: OP-07-0133
Website :: Contact: Sabrina Daneshvar

Lewis Weber
Provider #: IP-14-0114
Contact: Lewis Weber

Lexington Public Schools
Provider #: OP-18-2829
Contact: Amy Tsiros-Domow

Life's WORC Family Center for Autism
Provider #: OP-18-2890
Contact: Loren Stevens

Provider #: OP-10-2036
Contact: Vicki Isler

Liliane Maciel De Aguiar-Rocha
Provider #: IP-16-2457
Website :: Contact: De Aguiar-Rocha

Lina Slim-Topdjian
Provider #: IP-19-2570
Contact: Lina Slim-Topdjian

Provider #: OP-18-2870
Contact: Lingdong Ma

LittleStar ABA Therapy
Provider #: OP-14-2448
Website :: Contact: Tim Courtney

Lizard Centre
Provider #: OP-15-2587
Contact: Leif

Long Island LBA PLLC.
Provider #: IP-19-2584
Website :: Contact: Andrew Romanoff

Lori Rayburn-Dehart
Provider #: IP-15-2436
Contact: Lori Rayburn-Dehart

Louisiana Behavior Analysis Association
Provider #: OP-13-2368
Contact: Gautreaux

Lovaas Institute
Provider #: OP-05-0080
Contact: Amanda Huish

Lovaas Institute Midwest
Provider #: OP-07-0152
Website :: Contact: Larsson

Magnolia Behavior Therapy
Provider #: OP-13-2388
Contact: Pampino

Malama Pono
Provider #: OP-19-2942
Contact: Gregory Manzo

Mancil, Gregory
Provider #: IP-12-2193
Contact: Mancil

Mandy Nicholson
Provider #: IP-18-2529
Contact: Mandy Nicholson

Manhattan Behavioral Center
Provider #: OP-15-2590
Website :: Contact: Stewart

Manitoba Association for Behaviour Analysis (MABA)
Provider #: OP-13-2419
Contact: Carly Thiessen

Mansur Choudry
Provider #: IP-19-2560
Contact: Mansur Choudry

Marcus Autism Center
Provider #: OP-06-0109
Contact: Valerie Volker

Margaret Amelia Dannevik Pavone
Provider #: IP-17-2501
Contact: Margaret Amelia Dannevik Pavone

Margaret Murphy Center for Children
Provider #: OP-13-2231
Contact: Beardsley

Maria Silang
Provider #: IP-14-2411
Contact: Maria Silang

Mariposa Behavioral Health Services
Provider #: OP-11-2104
Contact: Nesbitt-Decker

Marquette University
Provider #: OP-18-2914
Contact: Jeffrey Tiger

Marra & Glick Applied Behavior Analysts, PLLC.
Provider #: OP-17-2698
Website :: Contact: Kerry Ann Conde

Mary Cariola Children's Center
Provider #: OP-17-2714
Website :: Contact: Erin DiCesare

Mary Elizabeth Crnobori
Provider #: IP-11-2139
Contact: Mary Elizabeth Crnobori

Maryland ABA
Provider #: OP-02-0021
Contact: Borrero

Massachusetts Association for Applied Behavior Analysis (MassABA)
Provider #: OP-10-2044
Contact: Michele Mayer

Provider #: OP-19-3054
Contact: Arianne Kindle

Mastermind Behavior Services LLC
Provider #: OP-19-3038
Website :: Contact: Adina Frankel

Mau Loa Learning
Provider #: OP-19-3028
Contact: Amoy Hugh-Pennie

Maxim Behavioral Health
Provider #: OP-19-3100
Contact: Andrew Arellano

McElwee, John D.
Provider #: IP-02-0004
Contact: McElwee

McGreevy, Patrick
Provider #: OP-03-0041
Website :: Contact: McGreevy

McNeese Autism Program
Provider #: OP-15-2540
Contact: Kaycie Stacy

McRory Pediatric Services
Provider #: OP-17-2724
Contact: Rebecca Vogel

Provider #: OP-18-2856
Contact: Abigail Bunt

Megan Gregory-Morley
Provider #: IP-19-2557
Contact: Megan Gregory-Morley

Melisa Nellesen Center for Autism at Utah University
Provider #: OP-16-2647
Website :: Contact: Laurie Bowen

Melissa Andretta
Provider #: IP-17-2489
Contact: Melissa Andretta

Melissa Andretta
Provider #: IP-19-2543
Contact: Melissa Andretta

Mellanie Page
Provider #: IP-19-2548
Contact: Mellanie Page

Melmark New England, Inc.
Provider #: OP-04-0064
Contact: Bird

Metrocare Services
Provider #: OP-16-2681
Contact: Taylor Cope

MetroWest Learning Center
Provider #: OP-16-2677
Website :: Contact: John Pokrzywinski

Michael Marroquin
Provider #: IP-19-2580
Contact: Michael Marroquin

Michigan Autism Center
Provider #: OP-18-2808
Contact: Sean Field

Michigan State University
Provider #: OP-17-2746
Contact: Matthew Brodhead

Mid-American Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-18-2797
Contact: Julie Brandt

Midwest Symposium for Leadership in Behavior Disorders (MSLBD)
Provider #: OP-16-2682
Contact: Jason Travers

Milestones Autism Resources
Provider #: OP-18-2907
Contact: Rachel Torrance

Milestones Behavior Services
Provider #: OP-05-0089
Contact: Kristine Marino-Hartmann

Mindy Rosenthal
Provider #: IP-13-2399
Contact: Mindy Rosenthal

Miriam Goldie Twerski
Provider #: IP-18-2539
Contact: Miriam Goldie Twerski

Missouri Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-05-0090
Contact: Streff

MN Department of Human Service
Provider #: OP-16-2604
Contact: Mariah Tricker

Monarch House, CBI Health Group
Provider #: OP-19-3063
Contact: Tracie Lindblad

Monmouth University
Provider #: OP-19-3083
Contact: Mary Haspel

Montana State University Billings
Provider #: OP-13-2390
Contact: Young-Pelton

Morningside Academy
Provider #: OP-19-3015
Website :: Contact: Martha Staff

Mosaic Group, LLC
Provider #: OP-18-2906
Contact: Sarah Pope

MU Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Provider #: OP-15-2524
Website :: Contact: O'Connor

Multiplicity Therapeutic Services
Provider #: OP-16-2624
Contact: Carrillo

Munroe-Meyer Institute's Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders
Provider #: OP-18-2927
Contact: Kathryn Peterson

Munster Behaviour Analysis Forum
Provider #: OP-17-2707
Contact: Caryn Almgren-Gleason

Murdock, Kevin
Provider #: IP-07-0129
Contact: Murdock

Nashoba Learning Group
Provider #: OP-11-2126
Contact: Stewart

National Association of School Psychologists
Provider #: OP-15-2564
Contact: Livanis

National Institute for Effective Instruction
Provider #: OP-14-2504
Contact: Morten Haugland

National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders (NPDC-ASD)
Provider #: OP-18-2800
Website :: Contact: Kristi Morin

National University of Ireland Galway
Provider #: OP-18-2903
Contact: Clodagh Murray

Nationwide Children's Hospital: Center for Autism Spectrum Disorder
Provider #: OP-18-2799
Contact: Janette Long

Navigation Behavioral Consulting
Provider #: OP-11-2108
Website :: Contact: Miller

Provider #: OP-18-2896
Contact: Dianna Duddy

Nebraska Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-10-2062
Contact: Taylor

Nevada Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-07-0138
Contact: Alicia MacAleese

Nevada Association for Positive Behavior Supports
Provider #: OP-17-2769
Website :: Contact: Lauren Brown

New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
Provider #: OP-12-2221
Contact: Isabelle Cowan

New England Center for Children - Abu Dhabi
Provider #: OP-16-2672
Website :: Contact: Linda Bailey

New England Center for OCD and Anxiety
Provider #: OP-19-2966
Contact: Evelyn Gould

New Horizons in Autism, Inc.
Provider #: OP-19-3047
Contact: Michael Hitchcock

New Jersey ABA
Provider #: OP-04-0052
Contact: Britton

New Mexico Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-19-2983
Contact: Laura Charin

New Story
Provider #: OP-19-2990
Contact: Andrea Austin

New York State Association for Behavior Analysis (NYSABA)
Provider #: OP-02-0008
Website :: Contact: Nancy Dib

Newton Public Schools
Provider #: OP-08-0158
Contact: Almeida

Provider #: OP-19-3025
Website :: Contact: Jocelyn Hampoian

Nicholas Orland
Provider #: IP-18-2520
Contact: Nicholas Orland

Nina Finkler
Provider #: IP-15-2454
Contact: Finkler

North Carolina Association for Behavior Analysis (NCABA)
Provider #: OP-03-0050
Website :: Contact: Ruth Hurst

North Coastal Consortium for Special Education
Provider #: OP-13-2407
Website :: Contact: Jamie Siden Salter

North Shore Pediatric Therapy
Provider #: OP-17-2741
Contact: Jana Sarno

Northeast Arc
Provider #: OP-17-2713
Contact: Nicholas Golden

Northern Valley Region III Council for Special Ed (Valley Program)
Provider #: OP-10-2015
Contact: Vuoncino

Northwest ABA
Provider #: OP-19-3075
Contact: Takanori Koyama

Northwest Behavioral Associates
Provider #: OP-11-2123
Contact: Shook

NOVA Southeastern University & Mailman Segal Center for Human Development
Provider #: OP-06-0105
Contact: Emmy Maurilus

Novak, Joseph
Provider #: IP-12-2184
Contact: Novak

Provider #: OP-19-2944
Website :: Contact: Katrina Phillips

Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities, State of LA
Provider #: OP-10-2047
Contact: Knight

Ohio Association for Applied Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-14-2424
Website :: Contact: Jennifer Sweeney

Oklahoma Autism Network, University of Oklahoma Health Science Center
Provider #: OP-18-2901
Contact: Rene Daman

Old Dominion University - Dept of Communication Disorders and Special Education
Provider #: OP-19-3073
Contact: Selena Layden

One World Center for Autism, Inc.
Provider #: OP-19-2986
Contact: Yvonne Alleyne

Ontario Association for Behaviour Analysis
Provider #: OP-09-0234
Contact: Stefanie Cali

Operant Architects, LLC
Provider #: OP-19-3062
Contact: Rocco Catrone

Opya Care, Inc.
Provider #: OP-18-2887
Contact: Marina Miller

Oregon Association of Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-14-2443
Website :: Contact: Jennifer Knipling

Organizational Behavior Management Network
Provider #: OP-19-3007
Contact: Byron Wine

Orlando Behavior Health, LLC
Provider #: OP-04-0068
Website :: Contact: Weinberg

Oslo Metropolitan University
Provider #: OP-19-3085
Contact: Sigmund Eldevik

Pacific ABA Academy
Provider #: OP-15-2567
Contact: Saggu

Pacific Coast University
Provider #: OP-14-2478
Contact: Heilveil

PANE E CIOCCOLATA Cultural Association
Provider #: OP-13-2411
Contact: Elena Cl�

Partnership for Behavior Change
Provider #: OP-13-2382
Contact: Stein

Patterns Behavioral Services, Inc
Provider #: OP-18-2842
Contact: Amber Raemer

Peak ABA Solutions
Provider #: OP-17-2788
Contact: Megan Miller

Pennsylvania Association for Behavior Analysis (PennABA)
Provider #: OP-03-0035
Contact: Richard Foxx

Pennsylvania Counseling Services, Inc.
Provider #: OP-18-2836
Contact: Victoria Miller

Pennsylvania Training & Tech. Assistance Network
Provider #: OP-02-0016
Contact: Miklos

Pennyfarthing, LLC
Provider #: OP-18-2809
Website :: Contact: Amy Fenwick

Perspectives Corporation
Provider #: OP-15-2584
Contact: Gray

Peters, Michael
Provider #: OP-12-2208
Contact: Peters

Philadelphia Metropolitan Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-03-0047
Contact: Fisher

Philip M Kanfush
Provider #: IP-18-2540
Contact: Philip M Kanfush

PIPS: Positive Intervention Problem Solving
Provider #: OP-17-2712
Website :: Contact: Wendela Marsh

Placer County Office of Education
Provider #: OP-19-3020
Contact: Cassandra Flowers

Port View Preparatory
Provider #: OP-18-2839
Contact: Melaura Erickson Tomaino

Portia International Inc.
Provider #: OP-19-3060
Contact: Charlene Gervais

Portia James
Provider #: IP-19-2561
Website :: Contact: Portia James

Positive ABA
Provider #: OP-13-2406
Contact: Erica Babino

Positive Behavior Support Consulting and Psychological Resources, PC
Provider #: OP-14-2445
Contact: Christopher Smith

Positive Behavior Supports Corporation
Provider #: OP-13-2348
Contact: Shane Spiker

Positive Behavioral Outcomes, LLC
Provider #: OP-16-2689
Contact: Matthew Cicoria

Potential Inc.
Provider #: OP-19-2963
Contact: Kristine Quinby

PRAXIS Continuing Education and Training
Provider #: OP-17-2718
Contact: Thomas Szabo

Precision Teaching Learning Center
Provider #: OP-14-2503
Contact: Kerri Milyko

Princeton Child Development Institute
Provider #: OP-11-2134
Contact: MacDuff

Professional Crisis Management Association, Inc.
Provider #: OP-04-0054
Contact: Winston

Progressive Behavioral Science
Provider #: OP-16-2655
Website :: Contact: Maria Arizmendi

Project Hope Foundation
Provider #: OP-19-3082
Contact: Anna Craft

Proud Moments
Provider #: OP-17-2694
Contact: Bobby Newman

Proven Behavior Solutions, LLC
Provider #: OP-17-2708
Contact: Lindsey Snider

Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc.
Provider #: OP-08-0174
Contact: Donna Banzhof

Quality Behavioral Solutions
Provider #: OP-09-0216
Website :: Contact: Robyn Shimmin

Quality Services for the Autism Community (QSAC, Inc.)
Provider #: OP-11-2086
Contact: Feliciano

Quebec Association for Behaviour Analysis
Provider #: OP-13-2367
Contact: Lui

Queens University of Belfast
Provider #: OP-09-0211
Website :: Contact: Dillenburger

Rachel Avner Torrance
Provider #: IP-16-2474
Website :: Contact: Rachel Torrance

Raymond Miltenberger
Provider #: IP-15-2445
Contact: Miltenberger

RCS Learning Center
Provider #: OP-09-0213
Contact: Boyd-Pickard

Reach Out Centre for Kids
Provider #: OP-19-2994
Contact: Dayna Taylor-Weir

Provider #: OP-18-2862
Website :: Contact: Julie Aiello

Rebecca Marie Tagg
Provider #: IP-17-2492
Contact: Rebecca Marie Tagg

Recognizing Children's Gifts (RCG) Behavioral Health Network
Provider #: OP-18-2904
Website :: Contact: Amanda Wells

Redding, Jonathan
Provider #: IP-13-2380
Contact: Redding

Redwood Coast Regional Center
Provider #: OP-12-2165
Contact: Smalley

Regis College
Provider #: OP-13-2413
Contact: Jacquelyn MacDonald

Relias, LLC
Provider #: OP-10-2017
Website :: Contact: Rhonda Davin

Residential Options, Inc
Provider #: OP-19-2950
Contact: Sharon Wilkes

Provider #: OP-17-2782
Contact: Nicole Quigley

Richard Couch
Provider #: IP-16-2461
Contact: Couch

Rider University
Provider #: OP-12-2148
Contact: Perrin

Rio's Place
Provider #: OP-19-2976
Contact: Monica Castro

RISE for Autism
Provider #: OP-17-2730
Website :: Contact: Shannon Majoros

Rolider Center
Provider #: OP-19-3048
Contact: Natalie Rolider

Room to Grow
Provider #: OP-14-2432
Contact: Bobby Newman

ROOTS Clinic at the Academy for Precision Learning
Provider #: OP-16-2607
Contact: Burnett

Rowan University
Provider #: OP-07-0128
Website :: Contact: Kerwin

Provider #: OP-18-2866
Website :: Contact: Maria Sudarikova

Provider #: OP-19-3037
Contact: Ryan O'Donnell

Safe Management Group, Inc
Provider #: OP-13-2373
Contact: Bruce Linder

Sage Behavior Services
Provider #: OP-19-3094
Contact: Bryan Hebert

Saint Louis University
Provider #: OP-13-2336
Contact: Alyssa Wilson

Samantha-Louise Stallard
Provider #: IP-19-2571
Website :: Contact: Samantha-Louise Stallard

Sara Smith
Provider #: IP-18-2541
Contact: Sara Smith

Sarah Haws-Taylor, DBH, LMHC, BCBA
Provider #: IP-18-2508
Contact: Sarah Haws

Sasha Long
Provider #: IP-19-2577
Contact: Sasha Long

Saundra Bishop
Provider #: IP-18-2535
Contact: Saundra Bishop

Schock, Keven
Provider #: IP-13-2381
Contact: Schock

Scientific Center for Autism and Develomental Disorders
Provider #: OP-19-3087
Contact: Ouroob AL Tawallbeh

SCO Family of Services
Provider #: OP-14-2511
Contact: Jessica Daverin

Scott Herbst
Provider #: IP-19-2551
Contact: Scott Herbst

SEARCH Learning Group
Provider #: OP-18-2865
Contact: Carrie Kahana

Seattle Children's Hospital & The Autism Center
Provider #: OP-15-2568
Contact: Berends

SEEK Education, Inc.
Provider #: OP-11-2090
Contact: Chang

SEEM Collaborative
Provider #: OP-10-2034
Contact: Elizabeth Miller

Semiahmoo Behaviour Analysts, Inc.
Provider #: OP-15-2534
Contact: Claire Egan

Sendan Center
Provider #: OP-15-2526
Contact: White

Seton Hall University
Provider #: OP-19-3067
Contact: Frank Cicero

Seven Dimensions Behavioral Health, LLC
Provider #: OP-18-2878
Website :: Contact: Rebecca Urbano Powell

Shabani Institute
Provider #: OP-15-2572
Contact: Shabani

Shamoun Early Learning Center, LLC
Provider #: OP-08-0170
Website :: Contact: Shamoun

Shannon McDonald
Provider #: IP-14-2425
Contact: Shannon McDonald

Sharpen Your Skill
Provider #: OP-17-2701
Contact: Yocheved Becker

Sheila Elizabeth Sitzman
Provider #: IP-16-2456
Contact: Sitzman

Shenandoah Valley Regional Program
Provider #: OP-16-2691
Contact: Sara Burgess

Significant Change, LLC
Provider #: OP-18-2897
Contact: Michele Fagan

Silver Springs-Martin Luther School
Provider #: OP-19-2954
Contact: Amy Wasersztein

Simmons College
Provider #: OP-02-0019
Contact: Maguire

Siri Ming
Provider #: IP-14-2421
Website :: Contact: Siri Ming

Skillometry Inc.
Provider #: OP-18-2819
Contact: Yendri Diaz

Skybound Therapies
Provider #: OP-19-2939
Contact: Risca Solomon

Smalley, Kimberly
Provider #: IP-05-0083
Contact: Smalley

Society for the Quantitative Analyses of Behavior
Provider #: OP-16-2684
Website :: Contact: Billie Retzlaff

Solutions Behavioral Healthcare Professionals
Provider #: OP-19-3045
Contact: Jan Witte-Bakken

Somerset Hills Learning Institute
Provider #: OP-18-2913
Contact: Sandra Gomes

Sonja R. de Boer
Provider #: IP-16-2465
Contact: Sonja R. de Boer

Sonoma County SELPA
Provider #: OP-19-3017
Contact: Nikarre Redcoff

South Carolina Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-09-0221
Website :: Contact: Aaron Check

South Dakota Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-17-2696
Contact: Jason Dybsetter

Southeastern Association for Behavior Analysis (SEABA)
Provider #: OP-14-2450
Contact: Alligood

Southern Behavioral Group
Provider #: OP-16-2601
Contact: Mueller

Southwest Autism and Behavioral Solutions
Provider #: OP-14-2453
Contact: Vanessa Fessenden

Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center
Provider #: OP-09-2005
Contact: Amy Kenzer

Southwest West Central Service Cooperative
Provider #: OP-14-2491
Contact: Amber Bruns

Special Learning, Inc.
Provider #: OP-14-2437
Website :: Contact: Ann Beirne

Special School District of St. Louis County
Provider #: OP-16-2687
Contact: Jenny Frisbee

Specialized Education Training Corp
Provider #: OP-19-3039
Contact: Theresa Alexander Inman

Spectacular Kids ABA Therapy & Consulting
Provider #: OP-17-2704
Website :: Contact: Dana Harris

Spectrum Autism Center
Provider #: OP-18-2858
Contact: Timothy Obertein

Spectrum Center Schools
Provider #: OP-06-0120
Contact: Kate Asis

Provider #: OP-12-2174
Contact: Triano

SPIN, inc.
Provider #: OP-19-2984
Contact: Megan Riley

St. Amant
Provider #: OP-10-2072
Contact: Walters

St. Nicholas Center for Children
Provider #: OP-19-2960
Contact: George Storer

STAR Autism Support, Inc.
Provider #: OP-13-2353
Contact: Magee-Arick

STAR of CA, Inc
Provider #: OP-16-2623
Contact: Moes

STE Consultants, LLC
Provider #: OP-08-0186
Contact: Melissa Thompson

Stephanie Villegas
Provider #: IP-14-2422
Contact: Stephanie Villegas

Strategies, Inc.
Provider #: OP-19-3064
Website :: Contact: Christina Tucker

Stromer, Robert
Provider #: IP-11-2115
Contact: Stromer

Student Association for Applied Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-11-2101
Contact: Miguel

Sum of Learning
Provider #: OP-19-3078
Contact: Man Sum Chung

Summit Autism Services
Provider #: OP-10-2039
Contact: Hughes-Lika

Supervisor ABA
Provider #: OP-16-2688
Website :: Contact: Dana Reinecke

Surrey Place Centre
Provider #: OP-12-2145
Contact: Szikszai

Susan Petrie
Provider #: IP-18-2515
Contact: Susan Petrie

Provider #: OP-19-3053
Website :: Contact: Victoria Boone

Tate Behavioral, Inc.
Provider #: OP-19-2972
Website :: Contact: Christina Rizzo

Teach Me LLC
Provider #: OP-14-2459
Website :: Contact: Regina Crone

Teacher Educators for Children with Behavior Disorders
Provider #: OP-18-2884
Contact: Evelyn A Boutot

Teaching Tree
Provider #: OP-19-3081
Contact: Veneta Dimitrova

Team Mario
Provider #: OP-15-2577
Contact: Sara Valerio

Tennessee ABA
Provider #: OP-02-0020
Website :: Contact: Nealetta Houchins-Juarez

Tennessee Chapter of National Association for Dually Diagnosed (TN-NADD)
Provider #: OP-12-2172
Contact: Davis

Teresa Camille Kolu
Provider #: IP-18-2509
Contact: Teresa Kolu

Texana Behavior Treatment & Training Center
Provider #: OP-05-0081
Contact: Johnson-Patagoc

Texas Association For Behavior Analysis (TxABA)
Provider #: OP-09-0279
Website :: Contact: Rachel Lee Kramer

Texas Tech University Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research
Provider #: OP-18-2837
Website :: Contact: Jennifer Hamrick

Thames Valley Children's Centre
Provider #: OP-13-2408
Contact: Jennifer Sanders

The ABRITE Organization
Provider #: OP-19-2995
Contact: Ginger Wilson

The American Institute for Autism Science
Provider #: OP-18-2816
Contact: Mahmoud Al-sheyab

The Applied Behavior Analysis Center
Provider #: OP-19-2957
Website :: Contact: Adrienne Fitzer

The Arc Mid-Hudson
Provider #: OP-18-2859
Website :: Contact: Nancy Deb

The Autism Academy of South Carolina
Provider #: OP-19-3026
Contact: Kristen Bettencourt

The Autism Community Therapist
Provider #: OP-18-2912
Contact: Emily White

The Behavior Exchange
Provider #: OP-18-2876
Contact: Tammy Cline-Soza

The Behavioral Health Provider Network
Provider #: OP-18-2938
Contact: Bethany Thompson

The Cedar Group
Provider #: OP-16-2614
Contact: Cameron

The Center for Autism Research at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center
Provider #: OP-19-2999
Website :: Contact: Nouf Alzrayer

The Children's Institute of Pittsburgh
Provider #: OP-17-2703
Contact: Megan Brown

The DATA Group
Provider #: OP-18-2820
Contact: Craig Domanski

The Elija Foundation, Inc.
Provider #: OP-07-0143
Contact: Monica Howard

The Faison Center
Provider #: OP-11-2084
Contact: Adam Warman

The Groden Network
Provider #: OP-13-2403
Website :: Contact: Cooper Woodard

The Howard Center for Social Cognition and Communication
Provider #: OP-19-2970
Contact: Sarah Murphy

The Human Institute
Provider #: OP-19-3051
Contact: Grant Ingram

The Indiana Institute for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-19-3091
Contact: Angelica Crawford

The Institute for Educational Achievement
Provider #: OP-14-2507
Contact: Eric Rozenblat

The Israeli Center for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-19-3004
Contact: Karin Stern

The Ivymount Corporation
Provider #: OP-15-2578
Contact: Custer

The Jigsaw CABAS School
Provider #: OP-09-0268
Website :: Contact: Hawkins

The Joshua School
Provider #: OP-15-2545
Contact: Megan Coatley

The Key Consulting Firm
Provider #: OP-19-3012
Contact: Mawule Sevon

The Language and Behavior Center
Provider #: OP-19-3000
Contact: Dominika Cwalina

The Learning Lane
Provider #: OP-13-2224
Contact: Bivens

The Learning Tree, Inc.
Provider #: OP-15-2558
Contact: Kenneth W Atkins

The Manhattan Childrens Center
Provider #: OP-09-0217
Contact: Amy Davies-Lackey

The May Institute
Provider #: OP-03-0046
Website :: Contact: Sarah Weddle

The New England Center for Children, Inc.
Provider #: OP-02-0005
Website :: Contact: Ahearn

The Sage Colleges
Provider #: OP-11-2111
Contact: Davis

The Speech Pathology Group
Provider #: OP-18-2841
Contact: DeAnna Mercier Glass

The Standard Celeration Society
Provider #: OP-04-0057
Contact: Courtney Peppers

The Summit Center
Provider #: OP-19-3095
Contact: Amy Armstrong

The Uncommon Thread
Provider #: OP-18-2900
Contact: Jennifer Skundrich

The Vernon Consortium
Provider #: OP-17-2744
Contact: Jeff Davis

The Vista Foundation
Provider #: OP-10-2051
Contact: Yurich
Provider #: OP-08-0175
Contact: Wagner

Theodore Hoch
Provider #: IP-14-2426
Contact: Theodore Hoch

TheraCare Managed Services, LLC D/B/A ABA Provider Services
Provider #: OP-19-3029
Website :: Contact: Helena Song-A Han

Therapeutic Pathways, Inc. dba The Kendall Center
Provider #: OP-05-0086
Contact: Howard

Theraplay Family of Companies
Provider #: OP-19-3059
Website :: Contact: Gabriella Ptasinski

Therapy and Beyond
Provider #: OP-16-2633
Website :: Contact: Gina Cross

Thomas Parry
Provider #: IP-17-2506
Contact: Thomas Parry

Thrive ABA
Provider #: OP-19-3023
Contact: Bethany Marcus

Thrive Therapy and Social Center
Provider #: OP-19-3018
Website :: Contact: Brynna Ledford

Provider #: OP-17-2767
Contact: Gregory Todisco

Timothy M. Weil
Provider #: IP-19-2574
Contact: Timothy Weil

Timothy Moore
Provider #: IP-18-2537
Contact: Timothy Moore

Tizard Centre, University of Kent
Provider #: OP-17-2747
Contact: Ciara Padden

ToniAnne Giunta Fede
Provider #: IP-19-2549
Contact: ToniAnne Giunta Fede

Traina Behavioral Consulting LLC
Provider #: OP-19-3049
Website :: Contact: Allison Traina

Transformations Autism Treatment Center
Provider #: OP-11-2085
Contact: Palm

Tri-County Community Support Services
Provider #: OP-18-2880
Contact: Ken Hamilton

Trillium Health Partners - Peel Behavioural Services
Provider #: OP-14-2456
Contact: Julia Tran

Trumpet Behavioral Health
Provider #: OP-11-2083
Contact: Sarah Jenkins

Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc.
Provider #: OP-11-2079
Website :: Contact: Vicci Tucci

Tulare County Office of Education
Provider #: OP-10-2041
Contact: Pekarek

UC Davis MIND Institute
Provider #: OP-19-3086
Contact: Patricia Schetter

UCB Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Collaboration in Autism (CIRCA)
Provider #: OP-14-2486
Contact: Pat Mirenda

UCLA Child and Adult Neurodevelopmental Clinic
Provider #: OP-17-2715
Contact: Kristen Hayashida

UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Provider #: OP-14-2463
Contact: Brian Alhorn

UK Behaviour Analysis and Research Group CIC
Provider #: OP-12-2206
Contact: Gale

Uncomfortablex LLC
Provider #: OP-19-2974
Contact: Barbara Kaminski

UND Special Education Program
Provider #: OP-19-3008
Contact: Deaver

Understanding Behavior Inc.
Provider #: OP-16-2620
Contact: Cheng

United Kingdom Society for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-14-2442
Contact: Jennifer Austin

University of Arkansas
Provider #: OP-18-2822
Contact: Elizabeth R. Lorah

University of Dublin, Trinity College
Provider #: OP-06-0116
Contact: Bracken

University of Florida Distance & Continuing Education
Provider #: OP-12-2182
Website :: Contact: Vollmer

University of Kansas Department of Applied Behavioral Science
Provider #: OP-05-0074
Contact: Dozier

University of Massachusetts Lowell
Provider #: OP-19-2945
Contact: Rebecca Markovits

University of New Brunswick
Provider #: OP-19-3032
Website :: Contact: Michael Palmer

University of North Texas Kristin Farmer Autism Center
Provider #: OP-13-2387
Contact: Melissa Bowen

University of Pittsburgh
Provider #: OP-14-2506
Contact: Douglas Kostewicz

University of Saint Joseph - Institute for Autism and Behavioral Studies
Provider #: OP-15-2582
Contact: Turner

University of South Carolina
Provider #: OP-13-2418
Contact: Katie Wolfe

University of Texas at San Antonio - Department of Educational Psychology
Provider #: OP-18-2843
Contact: Leslie Neely

University of West Florida, Division of Continuing Education
Provider #: OP-11-2135
Website :: Contact: Barry

University Pediatricians Autism Center
Provider #: OP-19-3031
Contact: Krista Clancy

Unlocking The Spectrum, LLC
Provider #: OP-19-3088
Contact: Carrie Cruz

Provider #: OP-17-2705
Contact: Patrick Blevins

UNT Department of Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-19-3090
Contact: Joseph Dracobly

Up Wee Grow
Provider #: OP-09-0223
Contact: Heller

Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital- Family Behavior Analysis Program
Provider #: OP-15-2586
Contact: Kadey

Upswing Advocates
Provider #: OP-16-2667
Contact: Fawna Stockwell

Utah Behavior Services
Provider #: OP-17-2722
Contact: Lillian Adolphson

Utah State University
Provider #: OP-18-2851
Contact: Paul Joslyn

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center TRIAD
Provider #: OP-13-2396
Contact: Blumberg

Verbal Beginnings, LLC
Provider #: OP-18-2917
Contact: James Chastain

Verbal Behavior Associates
Provider #: OP-14-2472
Contact: Matthew Howarth

Verbal Behavior Institute
Provider #: OP-07-0134
Contact: Lisa Rinaldo

Vermont Association for Behavior Analysis (VtABA)
Provider #: OP-06-0112
Contact: Audrey Hoffman

Virginia ABA
Provider #: OP-05-0070
Website :: Contact: Christine Evanko

Virginia Commonwealth University - Autism Center for Excellence
Provider #: OP-12-2214
Contact: Lauren Avellone

Virginia Institute of Autism
Provider #: OP-17-2768
Contact: Einar Ingvarsson

Visions LLC
Provider #: OP-14-2468
Contact: David Jaques

Voices Now Social Skills
Provider #: OP-18-2902
Website :: Contact: Catherine Slutzky

Waban Projects, Inc
Provider #: OP-17-2755
Contact: Olivia Adams

Washington Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-17-2758
Website :: Contact: Christopher Jones

WellSpan Philhaven
Provider #: OP-13-2359
Contact: Patricia Herman

West Virginia University
Provider #: OP-14-2453
Contact: Claire St. Peter

Western Michigan University - Department of Psychology
Provider #: OP-11-2133
Contact: Fuqua

Western Psychological and Counseling Services
Provider #: OP-19-2940
Contact: Corrigan Luther

Whitney Detar
Provider #: IP-17-2500
Website :: Contact: Whitney Detar

Wilson, Catherine
Provider #: IP-13-2228
Contact: Wilson

Wisconsin Association for Behavior Analysis
Provider #: OP-08-0168
Website :: Contact: Carrie E Haessly

Wisconsin Early Autism Project
Provider #: OP-14-2440
Contact: Kimberly Wroblewski

Provider #: OP-19-3021
Website :: Contact: Joanne Coulson

Woodbury Autism Education and Research
Provider #: OP-18-2803
Contact: Lauren Chapman

Woods Services
Provider #: OP-18-2934
Contact: Brea Furman

Yeled v'Yalda
Provider #: OP-14-2436
Contact: Chany Mayer

Young Mind Center
Provider #: OP-19-3019
Contact: Emily Mariner

ZÖe Center for ABA and Development Services
Provider #: OP-18-2926
Contact: Tracy Smith

Zoe Papazoglou
Provider #: IP-16-2476
Website :: Contact: Zoe Papazoglou

Zvorsky Behavior Consultants, Inc.
Provider #: OP-18-2844
Contact: Richele Zvorsky