Document Submission Information:

The BACB cannot provide legal advice under any circumstances. There are a number of resources available for anyone seeking guidance related to ethics on our ethics resources page.

If you are self-reporting under 10.02(d) regarding a name, address, or email change, please refer to the information on Self-Reporting and submit through Gateway account.

The following types of documents can be submitted here: 

  • Accommodations Requests
  • Accommodations Questions
  • Disciplinary Appeal Requests
  • Self-Reporting under 10.02 (a), (b), and (c). Please refer to the information on the Self-Reporting page.
  • Intellectual Property Inquiry
  • RBT Warning Response
  • Response to Notice of Alleged Violation
  • Sanction Fulfillment

Note: All submissions must be uploaded in PDF format, in no more than TWO attachments total. All attachments must be clearly titled with the Subject’s name and a label identifying the document. With regard to Notices of Alleged Violation, all technical requirements for Notice submission must be met, otherwise, your Notice will be returned to you for resubmission.

  • Do not submit any RBT, BCaBA, BCBA, or Voluntary Inactive applications or documents in this form. Any submissions of those kind to this form will not be accepted or processed. Please review the "Instructions for Applying" sections of the respective certification page to submit your documents.

  • You may upload up to 2 documents. Please do not submit personally identifying information.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: doc, docx, jpg, pdf, gif, png, txt, xls, xlsx, Max. file size: 1,000 MB, Max. files: 2.