Use this form to notify the BACB when an applicant or certificant is identified in a court ruling, a licensure board action, a third-party payor finding (e.g., finding of billing fraud), or other publicly accessible information (e.g., blog post, video) in which there is evidence of an alleged violation of the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts (Code) or the RBT Ethics Code.
Documentation for submitting must:
  • Be publicly available, meaning that it is discoverable and accessible to anyone without the requirement of establishing an account or providing any personal information or payment to access the information; and
  • Clearly name/depict an applicant or certificant.

This form should not be used for instances where the violation is documented in private communications, such as emails, personal communications, affidavits, or other documents.

Reporting through this form is anonymous and therefore those reporting cannot be provided with updates on the matter. The BACB will follow-up directly with the subject of the report, if the evidence submitted substantiates a violation of the Code. As such, the only mechanism to determine whether reportable actions have been taken would be to check the Disciplinary Actions webpage.

  • You can find the Subject's certification number through the Certificant Registry.
  • Please review the BACB Professional and Ethical Code for Behavior Analysis or the RBT Ethics Code for the relevant code sections.
  • Accepted file types: pdf.

    Please combine multiple files into one PDF document. This document should be a ruling, determination, finding, or other publicly posted evidence that is a document.

    Screen shots of a website will be accepted as evidence if the actual material has been removed and is not currently available. Please include the date of the screenshot and the website where it was located.