Reporting and Updating of Information

In accordance with the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts (Compliance Code) or the RBT Ethics Code, particularly 10.02 of the Code, BACB applicants and credential-holders must keep the BACB up-to-date with information that might influence their status, credential, or that could impact the BACB’s communication with them.

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Review the Considerations for Self-Reporting to help determine if you should make a self-report to the BACB Ethics Department.

What Must Be Reported

Within thirty (30) days, behavior analysts must report the following to the BACB:

  1. Any violation of the Compliance Code or disciplinary investigation, action, or sanction, filing of charges, conviction or plea of guilty or no contest (i.e., nolo contendere) by a governmental agency, health care organization, third-party payor, or educational institution.
  2. Any public health- and safety-related fines or tickets where the behavior analyst is named on the ticket;
  3. A physical or mental condition that would impair the behavior analyst’s ability to competently practice; and
  4. A change of name, address or email contact.

The BACB cannot provide legal advice under any circumstance. If you reside in the United States in a state where the practice of behavior analysis is regulated, you may contact the disciplinary board in your state. For more information about regulation in the United States, the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts has a resource page on licensure and regulation.

How to Report

Disciplinary issues, investigations, tickets, impairments (1-3 above):

Write a summary of the issue that is being self-reported and include any relevant documentation. This information then should be submitted to the BACB via the Submit Legal Documents form. Do not complete a Notice of Alleged Violation for self-reports to the BACB. Depending on the information reported to the BACB, the BACB may require additional documentation and/or a Verification of Competency to Practice.

Change of name, address or email contact (4 above):

Change contact information in your Gateway account.

Failure to Respond to Requests for Information

Applicants and behavior analysts must comply with all BACB deadlines.

In reporting-related investigatory matters, the BACB will extend an initial e-mail notification describing required information, followed by two additional opportunities to comply. The following behaviors will be considered noncompliant and will result in immediate, indefinite suspension of eligibility or the credential:

  1. Failure to timely provide specific information, details, or documentation requested by the BACB;
  2. Unresponsiveness to contact made by the BACB; and/or
  3. Evasive responses, that do not provide the documentation required or directly respond to the specific question being posed to the applicant or behavior analyst.

During the period of suspension, individuals may not represent that they are certified by the BACB, use a BACB credential, or bill under a BACB certification. Depending on the severity of the matter reported or being investigated the Legal Department may impose deadlines that differ from the thirty (30) day criterion described in section 10.02 of the Compliance Code.

The suspension will remain in effect until the applicant or behavior analyst provides the required information and until the suspension has been lifted pursuant to the Code Enforcement Procedures.