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Mass Email Service


Anyone interested in using the BACB mass email service must meet the requirements, abide by the policies and procedures, and complete the application below. Should the BACB approve the application, you will be responsible for paying the associated fee and reviewing the email before it is sent. Application determinations are final and may not be appealed, and submission of an application is considered an agreement to all policies and procedures. The BACB will notify you if a resubmission with revisions would be considered.

Please note, the BACB may take up to 3 business days to deliver a determination (applications involving a survey may take up to 30 days). The BACB may take up to 7 days, from the date payment is received, to process and schedule your email. The BACB is not responsible for delays in delivery caused by untimely payment or review.

The BACB cannot guarantee your email will be opened or pass a spam filter, only that the audience will match that specified in your application and that your email will be delivered to each relevant audience member. We recommend using an online program prior to submitting your email to reduce the likelihood that the email will trigger a spam filter (i.e., these programs may be found by searching "mass email spam checker" online).


Mass Email Application

Your Information

Your Full Name:
Organization You Represent:
Title and/or Relationship to the Organization:
Your Email Address:
Telephone Number:
Street Address:
Brief Description of Organization's
Mission and/or Services:
Preferred Mass Email Audience

Content Type

Select the type that most closely relates to the content of your desired email. Please note that the type you select will impact the final audience size for your email, as certificants have the choice to opt in and out of certain types of mass emails as they choose.

Please note that only one content type will be used. If you select more than one, the BACB will determine which of the types selected is the best fit, and use only that one.

New University-Program Announcements
If there is a new program being offered in behavior analysis

Academic Research Surveys
Considerations include the scholarship and professionalism evident in the survey, prior research-committee approval (e.g., IRB), the current frequency of survey requests, the existence of similar or identical survey research, the advice of legal counsel, and the interest of the BACB (additional time for review and determination may be required). An IRB letter, completed attestation form, and PDF version of the survey will need to be provided to the BACB once a member of the mass email team has confirmed receipt of the application.

BCBA & BCaBA Employment Opportunities
Employment-related posts to RBT certificants are not permitted.
You may exclude RBTs using the Types of Certificants box below.

Resource Announcements
The categories of resources that can be sent as a resource announcment include: books, journal publications, white papers, products and services relevant to behavior analysis practice (e.g., software, billing services).

Continuing Education Events
Continuing education events included in this category are those that are offered by ACE providers.

Invitations to Join Provider Networks
This is likely an insurance provider/funder request for new clients.

Professional and Regulatory Communications
Requests may include public policy position statements, legislative initiatives, convention information and surveys, provided the content is directly related to behavior analysis and BACB certificants. Submissions in this category will only be accepted from established professional associations and regulators (additional time for review may be required). Requests that include direct lobbying and indirect legislative efforts (e.g., grass roots organization) may not be sent via this service.

Certificant Locations

Send to Certificants in All Locations
Send to Certificants in Selected Locations

Types of Certificants

Send to All Types of Certificants
Send to Selected Types of Certificants

Preferred Mass Email Delivery and Content

Requested Email Delivery Date

Processing of an approved application does not begin until proof of payment is received. From that date, the BACB has up to 7 days to build your email, send you a test version for review and approval, and schedule it for delivery. You also cannot send two emails (original or follow-up emails) within 7 days of each other. Please keep this in mind, along with the 3 business day review time frame the BACB has for determination, when selecting your requested delivery date.

We strongly recommend scheduling at least 10 days out from your submission date. The BACB does not guarantee that the date you select will be the final date of delivery, as mass emails are processed in the order that they are paid, and a limited number of emails will be sent each day. If a requested delivery date cannot be accommodated, the BACB will notify you.

"From" Email address

This is the email address from which the audience will receive the email, and where replies to the mass email will go. The BACB highly recommends you not use a free-to-use email address (ie.,,, as it will greatly increase your email's chances of being bounced or caught in a spam filter. Please note that authenticating the domain of your email address (cannot be a free-to-use email address) with the BACB may decrease the risk of bounces. You will be offered the opportunity to request authentication when you receive your invoice notice, if your application is approved.

Email Subject Line

(maximum of 40 characters)

Email Contents and Images

In order to help the BACB design your email to your specification, a member of the BACB will reach out during the review stage of your application for your materials. It is at that time that you are invited to provide the preferred contents of your email, as well as any desired imagery (ie. logos). The BACB recommends you build the contents of your email in a text file, such as Microsoft Word, so that you can design it as you wish, and we can use that as a guide when creating your email in the mass email system.. If submitting custom HTML code, you will provide your code and associated files in the same invitation window.

This process differs from previous versions of the mass email service, where the contents of the email were submitted as part of the application. To help further ensure that this new process results in a finished product that is as close to your preferences as possible, the BACB is now making a review mandatory for every application. This means that a member of the BACB will provide you a test email to review before the email is scheduled. You will be responsible for reviewing the test email, providing edits if needed, and eventually approving the email for delivery. Please note that the BACB will not schedule your email until approval is provided, even if that means delaying the scheduling past your preferred send date.

Additional Mass Email Elements

Follow-Up Email

Follow-up emails are a duplicate version of your original email (the subject line may be modified) that is sent to the same audience, but at a later date of your choice. The inclusion of a follow-up email in your application will increase the original fee of your application by 50%. For example, a mass email application that would cost $500 would incur an additional $250, for a final application fee of $750.

Please note that the delivery date of follow-up emails must be a minimum of 7 days from your original preferred send date.

Follow-up email requested?

Mass Email Agreement  
You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the proposed email and this application. False or misleading applications or emails may be grounds for sanctioning of certification status. Decisions regarding acceptance of an email request are in the sole discretion of the BACB. The BACB may deny requests for an email transmission for any reason, or none at all. The BACB strictly prohibits the sending of derogatory or inflammatory material(s). The BACB will deny any application the BACB considers to be contrary to BACB standards or Mission. If the BACB accepts your application, you will be granted a one-time transmission of the approved materials. In the event that the terms of this agreement are violated by you or any employee or agent of your organization, you agree that the BACB shall be entitled to all remedies available under law, including, court costs, damages and expenses and legal fees. By agreeing below, you affirm that you are of legal age and authorized to enter into this agreement as an individual or on behalf of the organization identified in this application.

I agree to the above, and I also affirm that I have reviewed the policies and procedures and agree to abide by them. In addition, I recognize that the BACB may sanction my certification if the terms of this licensing agreement are violated by myself, the organization I am representing, and/or any other employee or agent of the organization I am representing.

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