The BACB offers multiple, publicly-available resources for verifying information about certificants.

Verification of Certification Status

The most readily-accessible way to verify an individual’s certification status is to search our online registries:

Find a BCBA

Find a BCaBA

Find an RBT

The online registries will include a “Date Accessed” statement on their search results for your convenience in verifying the information requested.

Verification of Disciplinary Actions

To verify whether a certificant is currently sanctioned, search our database of Disciplinary Actions. The page will include a “Date Accessed” statement on the search results for your convenience in verifying the information requested.

Access from Any Page

The Disciplinary Action mentioned above may be accessed from anywhere on this website using the link at the bottom of the page, as shown:

Requests for Letters of Good Standing

If a current certificant requires a letter or personalized email verifying current standing, the BACB will charge a fee of $25 USD for this service. If a notarized verification is required, the fee is $50 USD. The fee must be paid prior to the generation of the letter. Contact us to request a Letter of Good Standing.

Original-Source Verification

Original-source verification means that evidence of the individual’s degree or coursework must be provided directly from the institution or via an unopened envelope that is clearly from that institution. For non-US institutions, third-party verification sources may be utilized (e.g., equivalency organizations).