To request examination accommodations:

  1. Complete a Request for Accommodations form and combine it with your required documentation into a single PDF.
  2. Submit the PDF file online through the legal document submission form using the “accommodations requests” or the “accommodations questions” categories.

After a request and its supporting documentation is received, the BACB will conduct a review of the disability and the accommodation requested. This review is typically completed within 10-14 days. The BACB may request additional documentation during this review. All requests must be received by the application deadline. However, we recommend submitting your requests as far in advance of the deadline as possible. Some requests involve a substantial investment of time to review if, for example, additional supporting documentation is needed and, once granted, to make the necessary arrangements

The BACB is dedicated to complying with all accommodation requirements, including the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended.  While the BACB does not offer an official Accommodations Handbook or Guide, we encourage candidates who are completing the accommodation request form to refer to the following sources for examples of what may be appropriate supporting documentation for their request:

ADA Revised Title III Regulation

Request Behavior Analytic Terms Translation for Examination Support

United States Medical Licensing Exam Guidelines for Test Accommodations

ADA National Network Guidelines