The Fieldwork Tracker is designed to be used with the desktop version (PC or Mac) of Microsoft Excel , although it is also functional in the Excel app (Android or iOS) if you have a paid subscription to Excel. The Fieldwork Tracker will not be fully functional in other applications, such as Google Sheets and Apple Numbers. If you do not have a paid subscription to Excel, you may use the Fieldwork Tracker in the free online version of Excel by following the instructions below.

  • Accessing Excel Online (does not require a paid subscription):
  • Step 1: Create a Microsoft account
  • Step 2: Download the Fieldwork Tracker to your computer.
  • Step 3: Upload the Fieldwork Tracker to Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Step 4: Click on the Fieldwork Tracker to open it in Excel Online.

Version History

  • Version 1.1 (April 05, 2018) – Corrected an issue that prevented users from entering one unrestricted hour in the experience log.
  • Version 1.2 (May 19, 2018) – Corrected rounding issue in the “Experience Hours” and “Supervised Hours” columns in the “Experience Log” worksheet allowing users to match the value displayed in the “Unrestricted Hours” and “Individual Supervision Hours” columns without receiving an error message. Trainees may choose to transfer data from Version 1.1 to Version 1.2, although this is not required by the BACB. A workaround may be used by those trainees who experience the rounding issue with Version 1.1, but do not want to transfer their data to Version 1.2. If using Version 1.1, enter the number in the “Unrestricted Hours” column with 3 decimal places, instead of 2 decimal places (e.g., 55 minutes would be entered as .915 instead of .92). The Fieldwork Tracker will then automatically update it to .92.
  • Version 1.3 (May 30, 2018) – Fixed an error in Experience Tracker Version 1.2 where experience hours shown in the “Experience Log” tab were being rounded up incorrectly. Version 1.2 users should update to the latest version of the Fieldwork Tracker to avoid calculation errors. Additionally, updated the “Data Analysis” tab to prevent “#DIV/0!” errors from appearing under the “% of Group Supervision” column.
  • Version 2.0 (April 9, 2019) – Changed “Experience” to “Fieldwork” and added an option for users to select whether they will be applying before or after January 1, 2022. Adjusted formulas and information on the “Audit Categories” tab to be dependent on this selection.
    Note: Trainees who have begun logging hours in the Experience Tracker and will be applying after January 1, 2022 should transfer their data from the Experience Tracker (1.3) to the Fieldwork Tracker (2.0). For directions on how to transfer data please view the Experience Tracker Tutorial Video – Time: 28:49.
  • Version 2.1 (June 28, 2019)– Updated a formula in the “Data Analysis” tab to account for when trainees’ adjusted hours equal exactly 130 during a month. Updated date columns to a regional date format. Added prompts to remind trainees to fill in all sections on the Instructions tab.

Technical Issues

If you experience technical issues with the Fieldwork Tracker, please complete the form below. This form may also be used to provide general feedback to the BACB related to the Fieldwork Tracker.
  • Accepted file types: xls, xlsx, pdf, doc, jpg, png.
    Maximum file size: 3MB