To help BACB applicants and certificants stay up to date with current requirements, the following information summarizes changes and announcements made over the last 2 years and lists where the information can be found on the BACB website.

New Blog: How to Represent Your BACB Certification Status

Start the year off right by ensuring that you’re properly representing your BACB certification status. To learn why it’s so important, how to do it, and more, read our latest blog post, How to Represent Your BACB Certification Status.

BACB Data and Developments in 2022

New year, new data. Review this collection of important BACB milestones in 2022, and remember—we couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to another bright year ahead.

Now Available: 2021 BCBA and BCaBA Examination Pass Rates for Verified Course Sequences

The BACB has compiled 2021 pass rates for first-time BCBA and BCaBA examination candidates in university training programs with ABAI Verified Course Sequences. The data are sorted alphabetically by university, by the percentage of passing candidates, and by the volume of candidates from a given program.

PsycInfo Database Now Available to BCBAs and BCaBAs

We recently added the PsycInfo database to the ProQuest search engine available to BCBAs and BCaBAs through the Resources tab in their BACB accounts. In addition to the ERIC database, ProQuest now pulls from PsycInfo, the most comprehensive database for psychology and behavioral sciences. BCBAs and BCaBAs can now more effectively search for literature on a particular topic.

2026 BCBA and BCaBA Certification Requirements Pushed to 2027

Based on feedback from university faculty, we have decided to push back the implementation of the 2026 BCBA and BCaBA certification requirements until 2027 to give universities more time to prepare for the changes. Please note that the rolling 10-year limit on BCBA and BCaBA coursework will still take effect in 2024, and the new BCBA and BCaBA examinations will still be implemented as planned in 2025. See the updated March 2022 BACB Newsletter for details. Recent and Upcoming Changes Timeline Click the timeline to enlarge, or visit our Recent and Upcoming Changes to BACB Requirements page to view updates.