To help BACB applicants and certificants stay up to date with current requirements, the following information summarizes changes and announcements made over the last 2 years and lists where the information can be found on the BACB website.

December 2023 BACB Newsletter

We are pleased to announce the publication of the December 2023 BACB Newsletter. This issue focuses on new RBT requirements and a new RBT examination that will launch in 2026. Review it now for details.

New Blog Post: When Supervising RBTs Doesn’t Go as Planned

Supervising RBTs is a rewarding experience—but as with any role, it has its challenges. Read our latest blog post, When Supervising RBTs Doesn’t Go as Planned, to get the tools you need to address the difficult, unexpected scenarios that come with RBT supervision.

Now Available: 2022 BCBA and BCaBA Examination Pass Rates for University Training Programs

The BACB has compiled 2022 pass rates for first-time BCBA and BCaBA examination candidates from university training programs. The data are sorted by the percentage of passing candidates and alphabetically by university. This resource is especially helpful for those researching training programs as they pursue BCBA or BCaBA certification. Review the data now.

Now Available: September 2023 BACB Newsletter

The September 2023 BACB Newsletter includes several important announcements, including recognition of the new APBA accreditation system in BCBA Pathway 1, the sunsetting of noncertified RBT Supervisors, a clarification of the assessor's role in the RBT Initial Competency Assessment, and much more. Check it out for details.

New Blog Post: When RBT Certification Doesn’t Go as Planned

RBTs, do you know what to do if you need to take a break from service delivery? How about if you didn’t meet the monthly supervision requirements? Learn how to navigate these scenarios and others in our latest blog post, When RBT Certification Doesn’t Go as Planned.

Remote Testing to Discontinue

In response to examination-security breaches and theft of examination content, the BACB will no longer offer remote testing for the RBT examination beginning September 1, 2023. As of that date, candidates must take the examination in person at an authorized testing center.

Now Available: The July 2023 BACB Newsletter

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest newsletter. This edition provides helpful insight into parents as RBTs, RBTs and BCaBAs as company owners, limited liability companies, and data removal services. Read it now for details.

RBT 40-Hour Training & Initial Competency Assessment Fact Sheets

We just released the RBT 40-Hour Training and RBT Initial Competency Assessment Fact Sheets, your streamlined guides to the training and assessment every RBT applicant needs. Check them out today and share them with your coworkers or employees who haven’t started their journey toward RBT certification.