Procedure Update: In adhering to our mission of consumer protection and to ensure equal treatment for all applicants, we occasionally need to make changes to our practices to ensure that each applicant that applies meets our eligibility requirements in their entirety. The BACB is only accepting degrees that have undergone the degree equivalency evaluation review process that we oversee at our expense. We are no longer allowing applicants to refute our determinations using another evaluation service. Please note, our requirements have not changed. Instead, our procedures have been updated to ensure our requirements are consistently applied.

The BACB offers two types of preliminary evaluations of degrees. You may request either type of determination, or both, as needed.


This type of evaluation determines whether a degree obtained outside of the United States was from a qualifying institutionInstitutions within the U.S. that are listed in the Council for Higher Education Accreditation database OR institutions outside of the U.S. whose degrees meet certain standards (please see our degree preliminary evaluation page for information about requesting an evaluation of your degree's equivalency and/or field of study).. There is no fee for this type of evaluation.

Proceed to Equivalency Evaluation form

Field of Study

This type of evaluation determines whether the field of study of a degree meets our current acceptable degree definitions. This evaluation requires a $100 processing fee. BACB staff will contact you to arrange payment after you submit the form for this type of evaluation.

Proceed to Field of Study Evaluation form

Please be sure to review all requirements for the credential you are interested in pursuing. All BACB credentials have multiple eligibility requirements in addition to the minimum degree requirements.