Updated Demographic Data Now Available

We are pleased to share updated demographic and practice-area data from BACB certificants. These data are available on the BACB Certificant Data web page and will be updated periodically as certificants update their account information. Many thanks to those who have already done so, as your input has made it possible for us to publish this preliminary snapshot of certificant characteristics.

New Blog: Debunking Myths About BACB Examinations

In the most recent addition to the BACB blog, we define important examination terms and debunk common myths and misconceptions surrounding the examination-development process.

For more information about who writes examination questions and how examinations measure success, please visit our BACB Blog web page.

New Episode of Inside the BACB

Tune in to the latest episode of the Inside the BACB podcast to go behind the scenes of the BACB’s examination-development process. Director of Testing and Accreditation Kyle Jordan and Deputy CEO Dr. Melissa Nosik debunk common myths and misconceptions about BACB examinations and explore the vast inner world of making and maintaining examinations.


August 2020 Newsletter

We are pleased to announce the publication of the August 2020 BACB Newsletter (PDF download)

In this issue:

  • Changes to the BCaBA Task List (5th ed.)
  • When to conduct a standardized assessment (e.g., the Vineland)
  • Common supervision issues
  • Why RBTs must know their BACB account details
  • How to protect yourself from professional identity theft
  • COVID-19 reminder: Experience/Fieldwork Requirements

New Blog: Tips for a Smooth RBT Certification Application

Getting ready to apply for your RBT certification or helping someone apply for RBT certification? In our latest blog, we’re sharing 4 simple yet essential tips for making the application process a success. We developed these recommendations to make the process smoother and help you reach your goals more quickly.

For more RBT applications tips, please visit our BACB Blog web page.

2022 Requirements Transition Resource Documents

The BACB's eligibility requirements for BCBAs and BCaBAs will change on January 1, 2022, but these changes may affect applicants now if they plan to apply in 2022 or later. For guidance during this transition, please refer to our Requirements Transition Resource documents, which outline specific changes in eligibility requirements and provide instructions for applicants at all stages of preparation. You can find them on the BCBA and BCaBA pages under the Documents sections.

New Blog Post: 5 BACB Resources You May Not Know About

In our latest blog, we share five helpful resources on the BACB website. Quickly access essential ethics and customer service information, take advantage of valuable career data, and more. Whether you are a certificant, an applicant, or a prospective applicant, check out this blog for links and tips you can use now.

For more lesser-known resource recommendations, please visit our BACB Blog web page.

New Resource: Recommendations for Respecialization

The BACB recently created a Recommendations for Respecialization document that provides suggestions and resources to those who are looking to practice in a new specialty of ABA. For videos and fact sheets about the many areas of practice in ABA, visit the BACB's About Behavior Analysis web page.

The Role of the BACB

In our latest blog, we’re answering common questions about the role of the BACB, such as: How do we set standards and why? How do we fit into the profession of behavior analysis? Learn about the differences between the BACB and membership associations, why we're here to regulate the profession of behavior analysis, and much more.

For more interesting information about the BACB, please visit our BACB Blog web page.

Certification Program Requirements: Requests for Future Changes

The BACB has created an online contact form that allows certificants and other stakeholders to submit requirements recommendations to our subject matter expert committees. If you have recommendations that you would like the committee to hear at their next requirements review, please complete the Certification Program Requirements: Requests for Future Changes contact form. This is an easy and efficient way to suggest certification requirements updates and changes directly to the BACB.