August 2019 Newsletter

We are pleased to announce the online publication of the August 2019 BACB Newsletter (PDF Download).


  • Experience/Fieldwork Verification Forms: Preventing Disputes Between Supervisors and Trainees
  • Protect Your NPI Number and Certification Information from Fraud
  • How to Calculate Supervision for Experience/Fieldwork Hours
  • 2022 BCBA and BCaBA Requirements Changes
  • New Ethics Resources
  • New Anonymous Ethics Reporting Mechanism Available: The Publicly Documented Alleged Violation Submission
  • BACB Data Resources
  • Requests to Use BACB Intellectual Property
  • Recent and Upcoming Changes to BACB Requirements

May Examination Results

May examination results will be released starting at 5 p.m. (MDT) on June 14 and will be available in your BACB Gateway account within 72 hours. Please note: Due to system processing, applicants may not receive examination results at the same time.

If you passed your examination, your certification number will be available in your BACB Gateway account within the next week and you will receive your certificate in 4 to 6 weeks.

We expect high call volumes, wait times, and heavy website traffic. We appreciate your patience. We will respond to requests as soon as possible.

Updated Tracker and Tutorial Videos

A new version of the Experience Tracker, which has been retitled the “Fieldwork Tracker,” is now available. The new version includes an option for trainees to select whether they will be applying before or after January 1, 2022. Formulas, options, and information in the Fieldwork Tracker will automatically adjust depending on when the trainee will apply. Supplemental videos with more detailed information about the changes have been added to the Experience Tracker Overview Video and the Experience Tracker Tutorial Video. These supplemental videos may be found on the Fieldwork Tracker Information and Updates webpage.

Congratulations to the 2019 Hemingway Award Recipient

We are pleased to announce that the 2019 recipient of the Michael Hemingway Behavior Analysis Award is Dr. Richard (Rick) Smith from the University of North Texas (UNT). Dr. Smith has spent his career teaching in and leading the behavior analysis department at UNT. In addition to producing a distinguished record of research and service to the discipline, he has helped train hundreds of students in the compassionate and evidence-based treatment of individuals with developmental disabilities, many of whom have remained in Texas today where they are integral parts of the service-delivery landscape. Dr. Smith developed a state-of-the-art program for the assessment and treatment of severe behavior problem within the state system. For almost three decades, this program has served important client and personnel-preparation needs. Dr. Smith has also worked with multiple Texas state departments to help influence improved regulations for behavioral services for person with developmental disabilities, help promote behavior-analytic services in the state’s child welfare program, and promote sound licensure for behavior analysts in Texas. Mr. Hemingway would have been especially pleased with these accomplishments, and with the collegial and thoughtful manner through which they were achieved. Congratulations, Rick!

February Examination Results

February examination results are being released as of 4:30 pm (MDT) on March 22 and will be available in your BACB Gateway account within 72 hours. Please keep in mind that it takes time for everything to process, so you may not receive your results at the same time as others.

If you passed the examination, your certification number will be available in your BACB Gateway Account within the next week and your certificate will be sent to the address in your Gateway Account in April.

In the meantime, we expect high call volumes and wait times, as well as large amounts of website traffic. We appreciate your patience during this time and will respond to everyone as quickly as possible.